Amazing eating tips that are evidence of good health and active lifestyle
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Amazing eating tips that are evidence of good health and active lifestyle

We all know that the key to a good healthy and active lifestyle is a balanced diet. But what a balanced diet actually is? A balanced diet is something that has a good balance of calories, carbs and nutrition. If you eat and drink more calories than your body needs then it will lead to obesity and an unhealthy lifestyle and if you eat and drink less than your body needs, you know what will happen to your health. In fact, lack of good nutrition leads to obesity in some people and that is why nutritionists recommend eating in every 2 hours to keep your digestive system running healthily. Our health is our first priority and we need to take care of it by following some of the expert tips for eating healthy!

According to expert nutritionists, a healthy diet consists of a wide range of nutrition including vitamins, proteins, carbs, minerals, etc. Once you start having a healthy diet, it will help you maintain a healthy body and weight. Not just weight management, if you start following the tips for eating out healthy, your body will keep away from some life-threatening diseases like diabetes, high/low blood pressure, cardiovascular problems, neurological problems, etc. A healthy diet contains a variety of nutritious foods. Do you want to know what the best foods for a good healthy management are? Well, you need to read this blog post for that. Here in this post, we are going to share the expert tips for healthy eating that are actually based on a lot of research and analysis. Readout these amazing thanksgiving tips for healthy eating and get a healthy and active life.

Healthy eating tips for teens

For growing teenagers, we’ve brought up some amazing tips for eating healthy that will help your teenage children get good growth and active body.

·         Calcium is essential

Calcium is essential

13-17 is a critical growth age of children in which they need proper nutrition and guidance. For the development and density of their bone, calcium is very essential nutrient. Calcium helps your Children grow and get stronger. Teenagers need calcium to get a stronger body. Teenagers who consume more calcium products like milk, chicken, egg, cheese, etc. have the ability to survive any kind of bone fracture than those who don’t consume them. An average teenager requires 8-ounce glasses of milk daily to meet the calcium requirements of their body. Experts recommend adding Yoghurt, cheese, milk, eggs, etc. to a teenager’s regular diet to build strong bones for the entire life.

·         Avoid sweet

Avoid sweet

Excess sweet is bad for the human body and I’ve shared this many times in my blogs. Whether you are it’s an adult or a teenager, sugar is bad for the health. At the growing age of children, you should avoid giving them foods and drinks that contain sugar and preservatives. Giving your teenage children cakes, candies, ice creams and sweets is not a good option, as these things can ruin their health and make them fat and inactive. You need to follow the healthy eating tips for teens and avoid giving them foods containing sugar. You can give them sugar in natural form like fruits. Give your children fruit juice and raw fruits, as they will help them in growth.

·         Divide food into portions

Divide food into portions

A portion is how much you choose to give your child at a time. Most expert nutritionists recommend giving food in different portions. Giving breakfast, lunch and dinner to teenagers is not enough, instead, divide their food. Make them eat food in small portions 5-6 times a day. Add fruits, dairy products, meat, fish and vegetables to their diet. Provide them with nutrition-packed whole-grain foods like bread, rice, Chapati. Iron is essential at the growing age, so adding iron-rich foods is also very essential to your children’s diet.

Healthy eating tips for college students

As a college student, you need to keep your body fuelled to keep up with your busy and hectic schedule. To keep your body charged all day long you need a balanced diet with the correct balance of protein, fat, carbs and vitamins. Follow the tips for eating healthy and battle smartly with your tedious college life.

·         Never ever skip your meal

Never ever skip your meal

There are a lot of college students, who skip either their breakfast or lunch, which leads to lack of energy and an unhealthy body. Most of the students gain weight when they skip their meals due to metabolism disturbance. No matter how busy you are with your academics and activities, you need not skip meals at any cost. Have a healthy breakfast regularly which contains fruits, eggs, bread and milk and you are never going to face any problem with your health during the entire college year. Always carry your lunch with you and add extra fruit, low-fat cheese or green leafy vegetable to your lunch meal. Always carry dry nuts, popcorns, fruits and sprouted pulses with you, so whenever the hunger strikes during college hours just grab a bite.

·         Probiotics and fibre are essential

Probiotics and fibre are essential

Gut Microbiota is a good bacterium in your body that is essential for your overall health. The disruption of Gut Microbiota in your body may lead to obesity. There are many probiotic drinks available in the market that will improve your health. Some of the natural sources of probiotics are yoghurt, sauerkraut, fibre-rich foods, etc. You can carry a probiotic drink with you during your college hours and have it. Trust us, it will do wonders to your body and keep you energetic.

·         Drink more water

Drink more water

Dehydration is the most common problem occurs in college students. To avoid this problem, drink plenty of water, fruit juice and sugar-free soft drinks. Drink at least 6-8 glass of water every day for a healthy digestive and urinary system. You can take coffee and green tea, as they both are healthy choices. Avoid non-alcoholic drinks and fizzy drinks because they are bad for your overall health. During hot weather, staying hydrated is important for good skin, mind and body.

·         Avoid fast food, smoking and alcohol

Avoid fast food, smoking and alcohol

If you eat fast food, smoke cigarette and drink alcohol regularly, then you need to put some efforts to avoid them and stay healthy. There are a lot of college boys and girls who drink alcohol, eat junk food and smoke cigarette on a regular basis. Getting rid of them is tough, but if you avoid them with determination, you’ll definitely get rid of them. Smoking ruins your skin, lungs, throat and causes cancer. While alcohol ruins your liver and kidney, so if you are alcoholic, then take alcohol in moderation only. Avoid eating junk food, bring your snacks and lunch from your home regularly. College days are good for the enjoyment; focus on your health during these days.

These were some of the expert healthy eating tips for college students and teens. One who’d follow these amazing tips for healthy eating will definitely get a healthy body and active lifestyle. We hope, you’ll follow these tips and help us in our initiative of making India a healthy and active country. 

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