List of Foods for a Healthy Gut

Which is the most important part that runs your entire body? Have you ever thought about that? Well, there are thousands of articles and blogs that talk about your skin, hair, muscles, reproductive organs, etc. But you’ll find a limited number of blogs and articles that talk about your gut health. Keeping your gut health is as important as keeping your skin healthy. Your gut has a lot of good and bad microbes that affect your physical and mental functioning. Your gut health is linked with your immune system, skin, hair, mental health and muscles. Whatever you consume directly impacts your gut health, so it is very important to consume healthy foods for a healthy gut. In order to build better gut health, you need to be very conscious. There are certain things that may ruin your gut health, like unhealthy food habits and no physical exercise.

There are multiple signs that tell how good your gut health is. You may not notice these sign in your day to day life, but later they grow as a big issue for your overall health. There are some signs of unhealthy guts. Following is the list of these signs –

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1.      Stomach disturbance

If you are constantly facing problems like constipation, hard stool, bloating, acidity, gas and heartburn, then it can be the sign of an unhealthy gut. Stomach disturbance has become a major problem due to unhealthy eating habits. You need to consume healthy gut foods to have a balanced gut that will help in processing the food easily and eliminating the waste from your body.

2.      Diabetes

The sugar levels in your blood may increase due to the disturbance in your gut. Stop consumption of foods that are highly processed and added sugars because it may decrease the good bacteria from your gut and increase blood sugar level. Highly amount of sugars can also cause inflammation in your body, which is linked to a lot of other health problems. By consuming healthy foods for healthy gut, you can also keep your diabetes in control.

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3.      Weight fluctuations

If your weight is constantly increasing and decreasing without making a change in your diet and lifestyle, then it can be the sign of an unhealthy gut. You need to keep your gut balanced to absorb more nutrients in your body to keep it healthy. Eat foods that promote healthy gut flora and avoid the problem of weight fluctuations.

4.      Skin irritations

Skin conditions like itching and eczema are commonly related to poor gut health. Leaking of protein can cause irritation in your skin and make it more likely to get infections. If you are facing the problem of skin irritation and eczema, then it’s time to keep a check on your gut health.  Start eating healthy gut bacteria foods to avoid skin problems caused due to poor gut health.

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5.      Poor immune system

There are some people, who get sick rapidly and the cause is unknown. When your gut health is poor or imbalanced, your body is more likely to get in contact with diseases. It gets more vulnerable to bacteria and virus that cause sickness. When your good bacteria can’t battle to the bad bacteria, you face health issues. So, it’s time to promote good bacteria in your body by increasing your immunity and the best way to make your immune system strong is eating healthy.

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6.      Constant fatigue

Due to imbalanced gut, it’s common to face problems like fatigue and lack of stamina. When serotonin hormone in your body damages it affects your sleeping habits and make you feel fatigued and tired throughout the day. Start consuming foods for healthy gut flora and increase your body stamina and energy.

The best foods for a healthy gut


We all love the tangy and refreshing taste of yoghurt. It is an excellent source of probiotics, which are body-friendly bacteria. You must involve yoghurt in your breakfast to improve your gut health. It is one of the best foods for a healthy gut and makes your meal tastier.

Dried fruits

It doesn’t take much effort to carry a fist full of dried fruits in your pocket. Dried fruits like almonds, cashews, raisins, walnuts and pistachios are good for your gut health. Just keep them in your pocket and eat whenever wherever you want. Dried fruits are the best foods that promote healthy gut flora. They have probiotics, fibre and fatty acids that are good for your healthy gut.

Olive oil

Gut bacteria need fatty acids to stay balanced. Olive oil is full of fatty acids. It helps in reducing gut inflammation and promotes good gut bacteria. Olive oil is one of the best foods to eat for a healthy gut. You can consume it either on your salad or drizzle it overcooked vegetables. Olive oil is easy to find in departmental stores.

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The rich aroma makes us a fan of garlic. In India, people can never forget to add garlic to their food. It is tasty and full of benefits. It has antifungal and antibacterial properties that keep the bad bacteria away from your gut and balance yeast in it. You must add garlic to your everyday dishes to make them tastier and flavourful, it is surely one of the best healthy gut foods.


Nothing can replace the taste, aroma and flavour of ginger in any food. Ginger is not only tasty and flavourful, but it also has some amazing benefits for your health. Ginger has antibacterial and antifungal properties that keep your gut protected against ‘bad’ bacteria. It also helps in the production of stomach acid, which helps in the food digestion. Add freshly grated ginger to your soups, smoothies, dishes, tea and stews and make them delicious as well as healthy for your gut.  Ginger is one of the best foods that promote healthy gut flora.


You need to keep your body hydrated to reduce the negative effect on the mucosal lining of the intestines. Drink 3-4 litre water every day to balance good bacteria in your gut. Drinking more water is extremely important to stay healthy forever. You can reduce the risk of multiple diseases in your body by drinking an adequate amount of water on a regular basis.

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We all have bananas in our home, but we avoid eating this amazing fruit, which is filled with amazing health benefits. Bananas are one of the healthiest fruits gifted by nature to us. Bananas are full of fibre that good bacteria in your gut love a lot. Healthy minerals in bananas make them one of the best foods for healthy gut. 

There are multiple probiotic drinks available in the market that you must consume to promote a good got health. To keep your gut healthy there are some special steps you can take like –

  •         Lower your stress level
  •        Get enough sleep
  •       Do not eat in a hurry
  •      Never avoid your breakfast
  •      Stay hydrated
  •       Take probiotic drinks
  • do regular exercise (running, cycling)
  •   Change your diet & eat healthily

By making small changes in your everyday life, you can keep your health good and live longer.

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