Expert tips to make your skinny cat gain weight and become furry

Having a cat in your home is such an amazing experience. You cuddle your small furry cute friend whenever you feel stressed and they pamper you. We all love having cats that are a bit fatty and cute. To keep your furry friend fatty and healthy, you need to do several things. From adding extra calories to its diet to make it eat more, you need to do a lot of things adequately. There are a lot of cat owners, who are facing a lot of difficulty in fattening up their cat. People who pet stray cats generally face this problem because the cat has not received the nutrition that was required to stay healthy.

To get your cat to ideal weight, you need to keep them away from harmful diseases and feed them with healthy food that contains vitamins and other essential nutrients. If you are tired of searching “how to get a cat to gain weight fast?” on Google, then this blog is going to be very helpful for you. You’ll get all the adequate information to keep your cat healthy. So when your cat refuses to eat, be stubborn like your cat and feed them according to the points shared in this blog post. The expert tips will help you add healthy fat to your cat.

Why your cat is skinny?

There can be so many reasons why your cat is skinny. Your cat may have been burning a lot of calories, feeding her babies, recovering from diseases, have heredity issue, doesn’t eat food properly, have parasite inside the body, have depression or stress or a serious health issue. Reason can be anything, you need to consult a doctor to diagnose the right condition of your cat and then take any step. If your cat’s weight is less than an average house cat weight, then it is a matter of concern and you need to consult a cat doctor. After you consult a doctor if everything is fine, then you need to follow some steps to make your cat gain weight. Here in this blog, you are going to read how to get a cat to gain weight fast. Check out these amazing tips from experts.

How to get a cat to gain weight fast?

1.      Heat its meal

Heat its meal

Changing your cat’s food temperature may make it more attractive and lip-smacking for the cat. If your furry friend doesn’t enjoy its traditional breakfast meal, put it on a plate for a few seconds and keep it in the microwave to heat. Warm food strengthens the aroma, make it soft and the appetite can return to your fluffy little friend. Cat food containing moisture heats up very easily, so before feeding it to your little friend, you have to test it with your hand. Keep the temperature medium hot, otherwise, your cat won’t eat the food. Ripe and hot food not only increases the appetite of your cat but also makes your cat’s digestive system healthy, which is important to gain weight.

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2.      Cat needs a peaceful space

Cat needs a peaceful space

Cats are quite shy, so if you have a lot of people in your home, try to give some peaceful space to your cat where there are less disturbance and human interaction. Especially when your cat is eating something, you need to give them a peaceful place to eat. Cats don’t enjoy audience when they eat. If you have not been giving a quiet place to your cat, then this can be the reason why your cat is not eating food properly and getting skinny day by day. If you have a dog or any other animal in your home, this can also be the reason why your cat is stressed and not eating properly. So giving some alone space to your cat is important, if you want them to be healthy and happy.

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3.      Keep food serving bowl clean

Keep food serving bowl clean

Cats like everything clean, especially their bowl of food. If their food bowl is unclean, they won’t eat food properly, which leads to a lot of health problems later. If we cannot eat our food in a dirty plant, then how can we expect that our cat will eat it? To feed your cat properly, you need to make sure the cat food for weight gain bowl is cleaned properly. This would surely encourage your cat to eat more and stay healthy.

4.      High protein diet is important

Cats need high-protein foods to keep their digestive system healthy. If you want to know which the best cat food for weight gain is, then here is the best answer. You need to choose food for your cat which contains a high proportion of cereal. When you god to the market to buy your cat food, the first thing you need to do is check the label of the best cat foods. Choose a product which has protein content high up the list. Never buy products that have flavoured contents because they can cause harm to the skin and health of your cat. Always buy a nutritionally complete food for your cat to make them gain weight.

5.      Add some liquid to diet

Cat food is crunchy, so you need to add some moisture to it to make it more enticing. There is a huge range of liquid cat food available in the market that you can choose for your cat. Cats sometimes find it tough to digest solid food. It has been recommended from the experts that liquid cat food is good for the health of your cat. Liquid food is easy to heat and heat food helps in better digestion. If you want to buy liquid food for your cat, then you can buy it from online stores. There is a huge range of liquid cat foods available in the online market at an affordable cost.

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6.      Set a time schedule

Set a time schedule

If you keep giving food to your cat in a disorganized schedule, your pet animal may end up putting a lot of weight. You need to manage a healthy weight of your pet and to keep it healthy you need to give food in a scheduled time interval. First, observe when your cat’s hunger strikes and then set the schedule of giving food to your cat. Giving food rapidly may also cause digestive issues to your cat and make it sick.

7.      Give specially formulated ‘cat milk’

Some cats are lactose intolerant, so giving cow or buffalo milk to them can cause significant health issues. Milk is not necessary for cat’s nutrition, in fact, milk can cause your cat’s stomach upset. If you want to treat your cat with milk, give them specially formulated cat milk thrice a week only. Milk is not an essential diet to keep your cat gain weight. You can compensate for the nutrients of milk by giving them cat supplements. You just need to give 20 calories per pound to your cat to maintain weight. This is how many calories should a cat eat a day.

We hope, we’ve answered your query for “how to get a cat to gain weight fast?” follow these simple steps and make your cat happy and healthy.

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