A Healthy Diet Plan for Men To Lose Weight

The internet is full of diet plans for women to lose weight. But you’ll find only a few articles that suggest the right diet plans for men to lose weight. Men also face problems while losing weight. Reach health goals is not easy for men. Rigorous exercise sessions won’t be enough to lead a healthy lifestyle. One needs to make a nutritious rich healthy diet plan and staple it to one’s lifestyle. A healthy diet is a key part of achieving a healthy and lean body. There are a lot of men all around the world who find it tough to lose weight even after working their ass off.

Men face unique challenges while losing weight. Increased weight can bring a lot of health problems in your life. It not just disturbs you physically but also ruins your mental health. People who are obese are likely to get mental health issues like stress, anxiety, lack of confidence and depression. Some men who are obese and find it tough to lose weight avoid going out and socialize with people. If you want to get a lean body as well as your confidence back, you need to be extremely dedicated towards your rigorous exercise routine and consistent with your diet plan. To shed extra pounds you need to bring a drastic change in your lifestyle. From your eating habits to your working habits everything needs to be changed. To help you reach your fitness goals, we’ve developed a diet plan for men. This post is completely dedicated to men who want the right guidance to lose weight. Check out our secret diet plan that will totally work and help you get a lean body.

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4 Day weight loss diet plan for men


Breakfast: At the beginning of your diet, start your morning with oats and skimmed milk. Garnish your oats with 1tsp honey. Supplement your breakfast with a glass of apple juice.

Brunch Snack: After 2 hours of lunch, we recommend you to eat low-fat yoghurt with blueberries and honey. This will provide instant energy to your body and keep it hydrated for longer.

Lunch: It’s time for the lunch and you will treat yourself with grilled chicken breast and salad sandwich of multigrain bread. The chicken breast will make you feel full for longer.

After lunch Snack: After lunch snack should be Smoothie with the blend of whey protein, raspberries, banana and water.

Dinner: It’s time for the dinner and you’ll have boiled brown rice with tuna steak stir-fried with mushrooms, broccoli, green beans, sesame seeds and olive oil. Using olive oil in your diet will be the best option.

After Dinner Snack: Before 1 hour of going to bed have 250ml skimmed milk.

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Breakfast: Start your day with Smoothie, which contains whey protein, skimmed milk and strawberries. You can also grind some dried fruits in smoothie.

Brunch Snack: Between breakfast and lunch eating low-fat yoghurt with blueberries and honey would be a good idea for an energetic day.

Lunch: While you are on a diet, your lunch needs to be nutrition-packed. Eat tuna sandwich on multigrain bread in your lunch. You can add fruits and green veggies salad in your lunch with a sandwich. It’s a nutrient-rich meal plan that you must follow in lunch.  

After lunch Snack: When you’re on diet keep dried fruits with you all the time. So, when you feel hungry after lunch eat some mixed nuts, raisins and cranberries. It will surely reduce your small hunger bells.

Dinner: Now it’s time for the dinner, but you are not allowed to full your tummy. Just eat 100g chicken with avocado salad. That’s it. Eating more food may increase fat in your body, as our body is less active in the night.

After Dinner Snack: After dinner, eat an apple with 2 tbsp of peanut butter. Don’t forget to walk after your dinner and snack.


Breakfast- Eat 2 scrambled or boiled eggs with cheese to retain energy throughout the day. Eggs will keep your tummy full for a longer period of time and you’ll not feel the urge to eat again and again. Add a 1 fruit also to fill your body with essential nutrients

Brunch Snack: after 3 hours of your breakfast, have Smoothie that has a blend of protein powder, 1 apple, blueberries, blackberries and banana with water.

Lunch: In lunch, eat sardines that are a nutrient-rich, small, oily fish on 1 slice of whole wheat bread toast. You can add beetroot and carrots to your salad to increase protein content in your lunch.

After Lunch Snack: After lunch, if you feel hungry, eat pineapple and hummus. This is the best mélange to keep you healthy and energetic.

Dinner: Eating grilled salmon with green beans in the night would be a great idea. You can also have boiled brown rice, but only 70gm.

After Dinner Snack: After dinner pineapple will help you digest your food. Eating 100gm pineapple would be a good idea after dinner.

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Day 4 healthy diet for men

Breakfast: Start your morning by eating 4 scrambled egg whites on 2 slices of multigrain bread toast. It is the best diet for men to kick start an energetic day.

Brunch Snack: it’s time for your brunch. Reduce your hunger bells by eating 10 radishes with balsamic vinaigrette.

Lunch: – On the last day, you lunch should be nutrition-packed, so eat 1 apple and chicken salad sandwich on multigrain bread.

After Lunch Snack: Relieve your after lunch hunger bells with only 1 banana.

Dinner: In the dinner, eat barbecue chicken kebab with peppers and add spinach and tomatoes in salad. This dinner is tasty as well as nutritious.

After Dinner Snack: Having low-fat cottage cheese and pineapple is essential after dinner for the better digestion.

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Why these 4 days diet plans for men work?

There are a lot of diet plans that don’t allow experimenting and eating a favourite food, which discourages an individual to keep on track. Follow our nutrition-rich, power-packed diet plan and stick to a regular rigorous exercise in the gym to see the positive results. Our diets contain vegetables, meat, eggs, chicken, fish and milk, which have all the essential nutrients to keep your body running in the right direction. We’ve prepared this 4-day healthy diet plan to you, which you can follow until you reach your goal. We also call it muscle building diet for men, as we’ve stapled some protein-rich foods in the diet that help in the growth of your muscles.

Once you follow a diet plan for men and spend at least 90 minutes in the gym, you’ll definitely shed 3-4 Kg weight in a week. If you find it tough to follow our exclusive diet plan, then you can try CLA, which is a pack of diet pills. There are multiple reputed companies that offer a wide range of effective and safe diet pills for men. These pills help you lose weight and get a toned body. Dieting pills provide you energy, keep your tummy full for longer and this helps you get a lean body.