How does a Food Pyramid Help Individuals Eat a Healthy Diet?

To stay mentally as well as physically happy, we need to eat healthy regularly. Eating a balanced diet sometimes gets tough for us due to a busy lifestyle. Our body needs water, protein, carbs and fats to survive. We need to get these sources primarily from food. A diet which contains food from five groups can fulfill the nutritional requirements of our body. By eating a balanced diet, we can maintain good health and reduce our risk of life-threatening diseases.

What is a healthy diet?

A healthy diet is one that fulfills the nutritional demands of your body and keeps it working healthily. A healthy diet has a limited intake of calories. A person’s diet will be considered healthy only if its one-half consists of fruits and vegetables and the other half is made up of protein and fibre.

One of the best ways to make healthy eating easy is following the food pyramid. With the help of the food pyramid, you can get the correct amount of nutrients like protein, fat, carbs, vitamins and minerals.

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What is the food pyramid?

A food pyramid has four shelves. On each of the food, pyramid shelves food comprising the same kind of nutrients is clustered together. You can choose from several foods to make it a healthy diet. Using the food pyramid, you can achieve the right balance of nutritious foods in your calorie range. Studies show that on top of the Food Pyramid table, we eat too many calories from foods and beverages high in fat, sugar and salt, which deliver very little of what the body needs for essential vitamins and minerals. On the second shelve of food pyramid table, it consists of dairy products, poultry products and meat. On the third shelve, the food pyramid table consists of grains, fruits and vegetables. And the last, fourth floor consists only water.

How does food pyramid help us eat better?

  • A food pyramid illustrates the nutritional contents, chemicals and additives used in food, so a person can plan a diet based on the nutritional value and natural ingredients.
  • It gives you a suggestion on what food groups should be included in your diet, which will help you stay healthy both physically and mentally.
  • will recommend the number of servings of each food group, you need in a day. The serving size is different for male and female of different age groups.
  • A food pyramid helps people plan for a more healthy food in other ways. Of starters, it suggests “eating at least one green and one orange vegetable per day in the vegetables and fruits category.” This allows you to check nutrition labels regarding nutrient, mineral and calorie recommendations in the foods you eat.

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Switch to a healthy diet

Switching to a healthy diet is not easy for individuals who are foodies. Eating healthy doesn’t mean you’ll have to relinquish the food you enjoy. It’s just that you need to follow a healthy diet plan regularly. Keep your goals modest and achieve without feeling deprived. Have a nutrient-rich diet according to the food pyramid and set yourself up for success. Keep things simple, eat healthier and be in motion. Do not forget to keep exercise in the routine. Avoid packaged, oily, sugary and packaged food and choose for fresh and naturally formulated food.