How To Sleep Better

After a long hectic day, we all want a good night sleep. A good night sleep positively affects our mental and physical health, while a bad sleep can ruin your entire day by misbalancing your energy, productivity, mind and your stomach also. However, many of us struggle to get a good night sleep even after losing our entire energy throughout the day. Unhealthy lifestyle habits and choices may ruin your night’s sleep. You lifestyle habits adversely affect your mind and immune system. Not even adults, children are also facing the problem of sleepless nights. If children don’t get a good sleep, it can badly affect their learning ability, creativity, energy level, vitality and weight. In order to increase the strength of your children’s mind, you must take some special steps so that they can take a good night sleep.

An adult needs at least 7 hours of sleep, while a child needs 9-10 hours of sleep a day to stay healthy. There can be a lot of factors that can affect your good night sleep. From workload stress to family responsibilities, your quality sleep can be affected because of any reason. Lack of sleep can affect your brain, cause weight gain, increase diseases, cause weakness to your immune system, upset your stomach, anxiety, etc. If you are facing trouble sleeping, then later this problem can turn into insomnia, which is hard to cure. You need to take care of your sleep now to stay healthy forever. If you want to know how to sleep better, then we’ve brought some expert tips for you. These tips are surely going to help you get a better good night sleep.

Types of sleep disorders

Sleep is a complex process that involves your different brain parts. There are a many things that can cause disturbance to your brain without letting you know. There are different kinds of sleeping disorder that you may be suffering with –

·         Insomnia

·         Excessive say time sleep

·         Narcolepsy

·         Delayed sleep phase syndrome

·         Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome

·         Periodic Limb Movement Disorder  

·         Bruxism 

·         Sleep Apnea

·         Post-Traumatic Hypersomnia

·         REM Sleep Behaviour Disorder

·         Circadian Rhythm Disorder

These disorder can occur due to any reason and if your sleeping habits are worsening, then you need to consult a physician that can help you with your problem.

How to get better sleep?

Tip 1: – Stick to one sleeping schedule

There are a lot of people, who don’t have a particular sleeping time. To get a good night sleep of 7 hours, you need to stick to your one sleeping schedule and follow it regularly. Go bed and wake up every morning at the same time. A regular rhythm will keep your body functioning smoothly and you’ll get a better sleep in night. No matter what, be consistent to your sleeping schedule to optimize the quality of your sleep. If you want to know how to fix sleep schedule and stick to it, then the best thing you can do is sleep at 10 PM and wake up at 6 AM.

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Tip 2: – Don’t consume caffeine after 6 PM

Caffeine provides numerous benefits on your body and 90% of population consumes it. Caffeine can lift up your energy level, keep you focused and increase your athletic performance. But consumption of caffeine late in a day can cause stimulation to your nervous system and ruin your night sleep. Avoid the consumption of caffeine 6 hours before going to bed if you are experiencing sleepless night. If your sleep quality is good, then you can continue consuming your coffee in the night.

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Tip 3: – Avoid day time naps

A short power nap in the afternoon may benefit you, but longer naps can negatively affect your sleep as well as health. Long day time naps can damage your brain cells and confuse your internal body clock. If you are struggling to sleep in night, it may be because of long day time naps. So, stop day time napping or shorten your day time sleep. If you want to know how to increase deep sleep, then we recommend you avoiding day time naps.

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Tip 4: – Exercise regularly

There is huge number of benefits of exercising regularly. It maintains stronger bones, balances your blood pressure, keeps your diabetes in control, keeps your skin & hair good, maintains a good cardiovascular and brain health, strengthens your muscles, keeps you energetic, promotes better sleep, etc. People who are not following a regular exercise routine are missing out excellent sleep in the night. Exercise will not only promote a better and deeper sleep but also help your body produce essential growth hormones, which revitalize your entire body functioning. It is a proven fact that people who exercise regularly get deeper sleep in night and feel rejuvenated throughout the day.

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Tip 5: – Optimize your bedroom environment

Your bedroom environment plays a major role in providing you with better sleep. Optimize your bedroom environment, if you are not getting a good sleep at night. You can optimize your bedroom by managing a good room temperature, changing lights, reducing noise, changing furniture arrangement, etc. External noise, too much lighting and imbalanced room temperature can cause poor sleep, which may lead to long-term health issues. Avoid putting electronic things in your bedroom like laptop, computer, TV and mobile phones, as they can distract you and cause a dent on your night sleep.

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Tip 6: – Eat healthily

If you’ve been eating junk food regularly, it can be the reason why you are not getting a good night sleep. Have nutrition-rich meals thrice a day and eat fruits twice a day. A balanced diet is a perfect blend of protein, carbs, vitamins, minerals, iron, fibre and water. Add green vegetables, dairy products, eggs, meat, seafood, etc. to your diet to promote better sleep at the night. Avoid eating high-carb meals in the night, as they can negatively affect your sleep quality. Avoid bad habits of smoking, tobacco consumption and alcohol consumption, as they can badly affect your sleep as well as ruin your overall health.

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Tip 7: – Relax your mind

Yoga is the best thing that can be performed to keep your mind relaxed. You can add Yoga to your regular routine and keep your stress, hypertension and depress at bay. Meditation is the best remedy that will relax your mind and help you get a good night sleep. This is how to get deeper sleep by performing yoga regularly. Avoid negative thoughts before going to bed to keep your mental health good and get a good night sleep. You can take a warm water shower after coming from your office to improve your sleep quality.

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Tip 8: – Get a comfortable mattress

Have you ever noticed that you get a comfortable sleep in hotel rooms? Why? It’s because they have good room environment, cosy and comfortable mattress and relaxing aroma. Get a good quality mattress to increase the quality of your sleep. A good mattress will help you get rid of back pain, shoulder pain, neck stiffness and improve the sleep quality.

A night of bad sleep can decrease energy, day time productivity, wreck career, cause Alzheimer’s disease, leads to low libido, ruin sex life, cause depression, unhealthy skin, poor immune system, cause cardiovascular issues, anxiety and what not. Follow our tips on how to get better sleep and sleep well every night.