What are Pelvic Floor exercise and its different types?

To strengthen pelvic muscles, pelvic floor exercises are performed. Pelvic floor exercises support your bladder, uterus, small intestine, rectum, bowel, etc. By doing this exercise, you get the full control of your urinary and sexual functions. Over time, both men and women experience pelvic weakness, which needs to be cured with the help of exercises. There are a lot of benefits of pelvic floor exercises for men and women including speedy recovery after prostate surgery, bowel control, urinary control, sexual control, recovery after childbirth, reduced risk of rectal and vaginal prolapse, etc.  Anyone who has recently had surgery, pelvic floor dyssynergia or women who’ve suffered childbirth pain must do pelvic floor exercises. There are a lot of pelvic floor exercises for women and men that can help them achieve huge benefits.

What are the pelvic floor muscles?

What are the pelvic floor muscles

The pelvic floor muscles are the muscles that are present at the bottom of your Pelvis and support your pelvic organs, which are bladder, uterus, pubic bone, urethra, vagina, rectum and anus in women and prostate, urethra, pubic bone, bladder, bowel, anus and coccyx in men. Pelvic muscles are used while doing sex, bowel movement (pooping), passing urine, etc. Exercising will help you keep control of your everyday activities.

Ways to control your pelvic muscles

Ways to control your pelvic muscles

Until going into the usual pelvic floor muscle training routine, it is very necessary to correctly identify the pelvic floor muscles. You can know more about the pelvic floor muscles in many respects. While sitting on the toilet, try to stop and start your pee. Do this only before you know what it feels like. Feel muscles grow tense and move up in your uterus, intestine and anus. Once the muscles are easily identified, the movements are carried out. If you feel any kind of difficulty feeling this muscle, then you need to consult your healthcare professional. Develop doing pelvic exercise regularly and make it a part of your life just like brushing your teeth and bathing. Pelvic floor therapy for men and women can be performed to get better control over muscles. The problem of Pelvic floor dyssynergia can also be cure with exercises easily.

The best pelvic floor exercises

1. Kegels

The muscles that control your urine are very important to be taken care of. With Kegal exercise, you can get control over your urine floor by tightening and holding your urinary muscles. Kegel exercise is the best internal pelvic floor therapy for both men and women. The steps to be followed while doing Kegal exercise are-

1.      Sit down quietly in a comfortable position on the floor, close your eyes and imagine the muscles that can stop the flow of your urine.

2.       Keep your muscles tight as much as possible to increase their strength.

3.       You need to hold this position for up to 3 seconds at the beginning and 5 seconds (you can count till 8-10) once you make it your routine.

4.      Make sure your pelvic muscles feel as if they lift up because of the squeezing.

5.      Release your muscles and relax for a few seconds after holding it up.

6.      Repeat three sets of 8 to 12 squeezes “squeeze and lift” every day.

Once you start doing Kegal exercise seriously every day, you’ll notice a positive change in your pelvic muscles. You’ll have better control over your urine and orgasm. Don’t expect instant benefit, as natural things take time, but deliver better results. Both men and women can perform this exercise on a regular basis.

2. Squeeze and release

Squeeze and release

If your pelvic floor muscles don’t respond quickly, then you need to do “Squeeze and Release” exercise on a regular basis to get better ability to control your pelvic muscles. To do this exercise, the following steps must be taken care of –

1.      Make sure you take a comfortable position to sit on the floor.

2.      Imagine the pelvic floor muscle in your mind.

3.      Squeeze your muscles and release after sustaining a 2-3 second of contraction.

4.      Now rest for 3-5 seconds and do it again.

5.      Repeat 8-10 movements of this exercise twice a day and see the results.

According to experts, you may not be able to hold up your squeeze for longer, so keep doing it regularly to make squeezing for longer your habit. Breathe normally with your do “Squeeze and release” pelvic floor stimulator exercise. This exercise is good for the health of both men and women.

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3. Bridge


The best exercise to strengthen your buttock muscles is Bridge. If performed in the right way, this exercise can do wonders to the entire function of your pelvic floor muscles. No equipment is needed to do this exercise. You can just do it regularly at your home by following these steps –

1.      Lie straight on the floor and bent your knees at 90-degree angle. Keep your feet flat and arms straight, palms down on the floor.

2.      Raise your thighs and butts from the surface and then squeeze your gluten muscles, pelvic floor and hamstrings. To lift buttocks from the ground for several inches, contract your butts and pelvic floor. Keep the upper part of your body in rest.

3.      Take a pause of 2-3 seconds, hold this position as long as you can and release.

4.      Repeat up to 10 times twice a day.

The bridge is one of the best pelvic floor relaxation exercises that both men and women should do regularly to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles after the 40s. A stability ball can also be used to perform this exercise and add an extra dose of challenge. Just keep the Stability ball under your feet and keep your back flat on the ground. As the strength of your pelvic muscles increases, you get better control over your urine, poop and orgasm.

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4. Squats

squat exercise

We all know what squatting is and what its benefits are. According to experts, the largest number of muscles is involved in squatting and it is the best exercise the pelvic strength improvement. Women, who have toned butts, perform squats keeping high weight over their body. If you want to strengthen your muscles including glutes, hamstrings and quadriceps, just follow these steps to do squats –

1.      Stand straight, keep your legs wide and feet pointed out.

2.      After that, bend your knees and push your hips parallel to the ground.

3.      Keep your weight on your feet.

4.      Return to the upright position

5.      Perform 4 sets of 15 squats in beginning and 4 sets of 25 after you get used to it.

Wide-legged deep squats can be difficult to retain but offer the best pelvic floor benefits. This will also help you strengthen your knees and make you’re your thigh muscles toned.

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Benefits of pelvic exercises

1.      Stronger orgasm in women

2.      Men have long-lasting control over their climax

3.      Helps men with erectile dysfunction

4.      Better prostate health

5.      Helps women in the menstrual cycle

6.      Better control over urine leakage and gas passing

7.      Strengthen pelvic floor muscles

8.      Better sex life

You have a lot of benefits of pelvic floor exercises. If you have a problem of pelvic floor myalgia and pelvic floor dyssynergia, then it is essential for you to perform pelvic exercises on a regular basis.

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