How to Stop Biting Your Nails?

How to Stop Biting Your Nails?

Nail-biting is a terrible habit that can be found in any teenager, kid or ever adult. In every friend group, there is a person, who bites his/her nails a lot. People who bite their nails struggle a lot to get rid of this bad habit. Nail-biting is sometimes linked to mental health disorders including ADHD. There are numerous people, who bite their nails only when they feel stressed or nervous. Onychophagia is the medical term used to describe nail-biting. This condition is usually observed in children aged 10-18, but it may continue for several years.

Onychophagia is found in boys more than girls. Some people are so badly obsessed with nail-biting that they end up damaging their soft tissues that are around the nails. This often led to painful and wounded fingers. The habit of nail-biting can be genetics, behavioural, boredom, loneliness, obsessive-compulsive behaviour and emotional and mental stress. Nail-biting has also been linked to perfection. People who are extremely perfectionists bite their nails when they feel frustrating in the current moment.

Proven ways to tops biting your nails

1.      Identify your triggers

There is always something that triggers your habit of nail-biting. Before doing anything, just find the reasons that trigger nail-biting. The reason can be anything including, anger, frustration, stress, excitement, anxiety, etc. Check what’s happening in your mind when you are biting your nails to understand what sparks your habit.

2.      Get regular manicures

Paying for manicures is costly and people who do so tend to bite their nails less, as they have spent a lot on their nails in order to get them cleaned and shaped. After getting a manicure, you’ll better take care of your investment. Your nail will look and feel great after a manicure.

3.      Flavour your nails

Coat your nails with flavours that are bitter and salty. You can our lemon, salt, chilly, etc. over your bare nails and kick your habit. Simply apply it on your nails, let it dry and reapply it when you need to. It is one of the best ways to get rid of the habit of nail-biting.

4.      Keep your fingers busy

Find a stress ball or a fidget spinner or simply a pen to click. Keep your hands occupied all the time with these things and trust us, you’ll be less likely to bite your nails. When you go out, keep your hands in pocket, play with rubber bands and twiddle your thumbs. The motive is to keep your hands occupied as much as possible. You can also prevent nail-biting by creating new positive habits like knitting, cleaning, nail art, do clay projects, typing, etc.

5.      Keep your mouth busy

In addition to keeping your fingers busy, also keep your mouth busy. You can easily do this by keeping chewing gum in your mouth and eating candies throughout the day. It will be difficult to bit nails if there is already something in your mouth. You can also eat small snacks and fruits throughout the day to keep your mouth occupied.

6.      Reward yourself

When you finally spend 6-7 hours without biting your nails, it’s time to celebrate by rewarding yourself with something special. Rewarding for overcoming challenges motivate you. You can reward yourself with the thing that you like the most. If you are trying to stop your children from biting their nails, rewarding is the best way to encourage them.


We hope, you’ll find these tips for getting rid of nail-biting habits helpful. If you implement these strategies, you’ll surely overcome your bad habit of nail-biting.