Is It Possible to Build the Pectoral Muscles by Chest Push Ups?

This question is asked very often, since many guys have neither dumbbells nor the ability to go to the gym. We talked about the principle of muscle growth and its dependence on load above. In fact, performing push-ups on the pectoral muscles alone, it is very difficult to provide proper stress for the growth of the latter. Especially if you already have athletic experience and good muscle development, then it’s not so easy to surprise them.

In any case, sooner or later, muscle growth will stop that you do not. Because how to pump up the chest push-ups can only be up to a certain level. Yes, you will become stronger and more resilient with every 100th push-ups, but the mass will not grow, the body is so arranged. Push-ups from the floor are an excellent exercise for the development of the pectoral muscles, one can even say basic, since the same joints and muscles are involved as with the bench press. But this exercise only works at the initial stage of training or as an addition to the basic exercises with iron.

Push-ups allow you to increase chest mass and progress, but to a certain level, then you need to switch to heavy artillery.

If you are by nature a thin physique, your chest has sunken and there are completely no muscles on it, then, in this case, push-ups are the most. They will make it possible to accustom muscles to loads, give the first centimeters of muscles, and lay the foundation for further progress.

Regardless of how you are prepared and what your goals are, there are various effective push-ups with parabolan for the pectoral muscles and options for increasing the load in them.

The Best Dumbbell Chest Exercises forthe Pectoral Muscles at Home

Chest exercises for home workout can be divided into two types:

  • Basic – bench press and dumbbell fly, push-ups on bars with weight;
  • Bodyweight chest workout – various types of push-ups from the floor;

Consider the main types of exercises, technique and basic nuances of training.

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Dumbbell chest workout: Dumbbell Bench Press

At home this is the best analogue of the bench press and allows you to build up decent chest, naturally, provided that you work with heavy dumbbells. As you already understood, you can work with large weights, if only there are enough pancakes. But don’t sacrifice technology for records. The working range of repetitions is 10-12, rest 2-3 minutes between sets.

  • Sit on a bench or two stools next to each other, lift the dumbbells in turn from the floor and rest them on your knees;
  • Take a supine position resting the dumbbells in the chest;
  • With a sharp movement, squeeze the dumbbells up on the exhale;
  • On inspiration, gently lower the dumbbells down to an angle of 90 degrees at the elbows.

How to get pecs: Dumbbell Fly

The dumbbell layouts perfectly complement the bench presses, stretch the pectoral muscles thereby giving them a beautiful convex shape. In this exercise, you should not chase the scales and you should pay special attention to the correct technique, since the exercise is quite traumatic for the shoulder joints. Performing the wiring costs 10-12 reps in the set, between sets 1-2 minutes of complete rest.

  • Sit on a bench or two standing next to the stools, put the dumbbells on your knees;
  • While pressing the dumbbells to your chest, lower yourself to the supine position;
  • Squeeze the dumbbells up and gently, while inhaling, move them apart to the sides, hands should be slightly bent at the elbows. Lower to a level until the hands align with the shoulders;
  • On the exhale, bring your hands up, while not touching the dumbbells at the top so as not to relieve tension from the pectoral muscles;

Upper chest exercises: Weighted Dips

Everyone knows this exercise, since there are bars and horizontal bars in almost every yard. This makes dipsa universal exercise for the development of chest muscles in any conditions. Work on parallel bars with extra weight is included in their training programs by renowned weight lifters and bodybuilders, as this is an excellent basic exercise that builds both strength and muscle mass of the chest.

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As weights, you can use a barbell or dumbbell, or other objects. You need to hang on the belt to the belt (you can use the army) on a chain with a carbine or a strong rope. Do push-ups on bars for 8-10 reps in 3-4 sets, rest between sets for 2-3 minutes;

  • Go to the projectile and jump on the uneven bars having taken a starting position in an emphasis on hands;
  • As you exhale, gently lower yourself to an angle at the elbows of 90 degrees (so safe for the shoulder joints);

Inhale with a sharp movement, rise up. At the final point, the elbows are not fully extensible, this will keep the muscles in constant tension and relieve stress from the elbow joints.