Ways to Ease Pain on Top of the Foot

Our feet take a lot of stress on a regular basis. Whether walking around, doing a workout, jogging, swimming or doing any other task, our feet are working 24×7. So, it’s quite obvious for us to feel pain and soreness on the top and bottom of the feet. There are a lot of people, who experience pain on top of foot instead of the bottom.

So, what could be the reason? The pain may occur because you are standing for long hours, running or walking on uneven surfaces, wearing too-tight shoes, wearing uncomfortable shoes. Pain on the top area of the foot sometimes comes with swelling, bruising, redness, muscle tightness, etc. This could be because of extensor tend on it is. So, how you can ease pain in top of foot? Following is the list of expert tips that will soothe your foot pain like a miracle.

# Ice your foot

Don’t try to pull your fingers or train your feet, as it could worsen your feet pain. Instead, you need to try resting your feet and put an ice pack on it. Ice pack therapy will give you an instant result. If you don’t have an ice pack, then you can put ice wrapped in a towel on your feet for 10 minutes every hour.

# Take a warm foot bath

The key to alleviating foot pain can just be a warm foot soak. Adding Epsom salts to a foot bath will relax your muscles and reduce your feet’s swelling. You may get tempted to use certain things on your foot such as baking soda, but it is more common to cure soreness, inflammation and treat other skin conditions. By putting a cup of Epsom salts in a tub of warm water and soaking feet for about 20 minutes will relieve the top of foot pain.

# Massage with mustard oil

Mustard oil is very good for your bones and muscles. Its massage can reduce any pain from your feet. You can take some warm mustard oil and massage your feet strongly with it. It will improve blood flow to your feet and soothe foot pain. After massaging your feet with mustard oil, you can wrap it up with a warm bandage. Massage your feet for at least 20 minutes before going to bed for best results.

# See a physiotherapist

If you just discover the reason for the pain in top of foot, then you can just consult a physiotherapist.  Sometimes home remedies don’t work wonders. Physiotherapists are expert in curing your muscle pain. Treatment from a qualified physiotherapist will reduce your pain for the long term. A physiotherapist will target the right area and reduce your pain forever.

# Take pain-relieving medication

There are some over-the-counter drugs and massage gels that you can take to relieve your foot pain. Consult a specialist before taking any over-the-counter drugs and massage gels. An expert will provide you with the right guidance and treatment. You’ll get rid of your pain easily if you’ll consult an expert for the treatment.

Prevention is better than cure

Foot pain can be prevented by practicing good foot care. You should wear good supportive shoes and if your shoes are loose, then use shoe inserts. If you are a woman, then avoid wearing heels for a long time. You should massage your feet on a regular basis for 15-20 minutes before going to bed. This will relax your muscles and helps you get rid of minor pain, sprains, and strains. If you exercise on a regular basis, then you need to take extra care of your feet.

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