How To Cut A Watermelon? (The best steps)

Can even imagine your summers without watermelons? Watermelon is one of the best summertime food, which is sweet, juicy and extremely healthy. If served fresh and cool, it tastes magical. When comes to the question of how to cut a watermelon, that’s quite complicated. Watermelons are big and round, so cutting them can be tricky. Everyone has a different way to cut a watermelon. Here in this post, we are going to share some easy steps.

 Step 1: – Pick a watermelon & place for the cutting.

The first step is to pick the right watermelon and cut it half into two pieces. Now put it on the cardboard so the flesh portion faces down and skin faces up.

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Step 2: – Slice the fruit into 4 half-circular pieces

Lay each half side down from the flesh side and cut it half again. You’ll end up having half-circular 4 pieces. Now cut the half-circular pieces and make a triangle.

Step 3: – Remove the skin and cut it your way

Once you cut it into triangle pieces, remove the flesh from the skin and pour the watermelon into a serving plate. You can either cut in into cubes or long sticks, the choice is yours

Step 4: – Serve with black salt

After serving it in the plate, sprinkle black salt all over the pieces and have a wonderfully refreshing treat with your family.

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These are the easy steps for how to cut watermelon sticks and cubes. Follow them and serve this amazingly delicious fruit into so many creative ways to your family and enjoy summers!