How To Cut a Papaya? (The best steps)

Papaya is one of the best tropical fruits that come in various varieties and shapes. It’s wonderful flavour make us tempted to eat it anytime anywhere. This orange-yellow coloured sweet and delicious fruit is filled with amazing health benefits. Papaya is an excellent source of potassium, calcium, fibre, vitamin A, Vitamin B and Vitamin C. In addition to the wonderful taste, Papaya is particularly good for anyone with a weak stomach, bowel syndrome and impaired digestion.

Papaya produces an enzyme called papain that is specific to aid digestive problems. If you’ve not tasted this amazing fruit yet, then you need to try it and see how it will benefit your mental and physical health. Previously, I’ve shared a post on the benefits and uses of a papaya and today, I am going to share sure-shot steps to cut the papaya in the best way possible. So, if you were wondering how to cut papaya nicely, then you need to read this blog and try the following steps.

How to cut a papaya?

Step 1: – Pick ripe papaya.

Get papaya that has yellow skin and a pleasant smell. Now wash it wisely before you cut it into pieces.

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Step 2: – Put it on a cutting board

Put the papaya on the cutting board & cut it half from top to end with a sharp knife.

Step 3: – Scoop the seeds out

Use a spoon to remove the black seeds and sticky membrane.

Step 4: – Remove skin

Remove the skin of papaya & cut the flesh out away.

Step 5: – Slice flesh

After removing the outer skin discard it and slice the papaya into pieces.

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This is “how to cut up a papaya”. Now serve it in a plate with Chaat Masala sprinkled over it.