How To Cut a Kiwi in 4 Steps

Kiwi is a green colored, sweet and sour fruit with juicy taste. It can make any salad look delicious. Its brown exterior belies a juicy iridescent green-hued flesh sprinkled with black crunchy edible seeds. Kiwi is a small fruit, but its taste makes it lovable among people all around the world. This egg-sized fruit can be sliced in many ways. If you don’t know how to cut a kiwi, then follow the simple steps and reap its amazing nutritional benefits, taste and flavor.

How to cut a kiwi in the best way?

Step 1: – Choose a blemish free kiwi
While picking a kiwi, make sure you choose a full and plum kiwi, which is neither hard nor soft.
There should not be any wrinkle or blemish on the exterior of kiwi.

Step 2: – Place for the chopping
Rinse the kiwi and place it on a vegetable chopping board. Now remove the top end of the kiwi
with the help of a knife.

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Step 3: – Time for skin peeling
Now take a peeler and peel the skin of kiwi downwards. Once the fruit is peeled nicely, it’s
ready to cut into pieces.

Step 4: – Now you can serve it
Use a knife to cut the kiwi into circular pieces for fruit salad and serve it on a plate.So, this is how to cut a kiwi in 4 simple steps. Make sure to cut it into circular pieces because they look more appealing and you get its complete flavor when you eat it in this way. Kiwis are easily available in the supermarkets at an affordable cost. Eat it regularly and enjoy its rich tangy taste.

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