Best Exercises For The Forearm Workout At Home

Every woman wants to look beautiful and slim. And for this, it is necessary to devote due time to your figure. Hands are a part of the female body that is always in sight and attracts attention. If the absence of a press can always be hidden behind clothes, then too full or thin hands are always visible. Moreover, some people are more inclined to the fullness of the arms and shoulders than the abdomen and buttocks.

The basis of the hands are the forearms, which are responsible for the development of beautiful muscles. But in order to achieve positive dynamics and pump up the forearm, constant training is necessary. Moreover, they can be done even at home. To do this, you need to correctly think through the training program and systematically implement it.

The main training is carried out with dumbbells, the weight of which should be 1-2.5 kg. This mass is enough to get beautiful triceps and biceps of the shoulders, even at home.

Forearm Muscles Anatomy

The muscles related to the forearm are called grasping. With the help of their functioning, a person keeps himself on the horizontal bar. They help compress the fingers. Therefore, we can say that the forearm is a part of the arm that starts from the elbow joint and ends with the hand. Together with the forearms, the muscles of the shoulder girdle develop.

The following muscles enter the forearm:

  • Shoulder muscles called brachialis.
  • A radial muscle called brachioradialis.
  • Pronator.
  • The muscles responsible for flexion.
  • The muscles responsible for extension.

The Basis of Forearm Exercises at Home

In order to pump up your forearms at home, you must definitely include exercises with dumbbells in your workout. It will also be good if you have a horizontal bar, which can be easily installed in the doorway.

The horizontal bar is the most useful tool that will help to make the arms and muscles of the shoulders strong and beautiful.

Forearm training at home is best done with a constant increase in the approaches of each exercise. This is due to the fact that a small muscle group is responsible for the forearms, which every day requires an increase in load.

Together with the forearms, you need to train the muscles of the shoulder girdle. Exercises are best done at the same time. Usually, they take 30-40 minutes. Most importantly, they must be carried out systematically. Only in this case can you see a quick and positive result.

Before starting the workout, the body must be stretched to avoid various injuries. The muscles of the shoulder girdle, cervical, and lumbar must be involved. And after a workout, you can do a five-minute stretch to bring your heart rate and breathing back to normal.

Best Forearm Exercises Without Equipment

The most common and well-known exercise is flexion and extension of the arms in the elbow joints. This is a simple exercise that can pump up and make your arms stronger, as well as give relief to the muscles of the shoulders.

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Without any equipment, you can still include classical push-ups in the set of exercises. They are performed from lying position.

  • Palms look forward, legs rested with toes on the surface of the floor.
  • Next, bending and straightening the elbow joints, proceed with the exercise.
  • The back should have been straight. A particular effect is exerted on the muscles of the chest and shoulder girdle.

You can build triceps with an exercise called dips.

  • You need to take a chair, stand with his back to him.
  • Put palms on it, spreading them shoulder-width apart.
  • Next, bring the pelvis forward and lower it down. When performing, the elbow joints should be bent.

How to Get Bigger Forearms: Dumbbell Exercises atHome?

You can pump up your forearms with dumbbells. They need to be selected according to their weight.

The first exercise is aimed at working out the shoulder girdle. You need to stand up straight, take a dumbbell in each hand. Bending the legs in the knee joint, bring the pelvis forward, and return to the starting position here. The head does not need to be tilted or bent when performing the exercise. The second exercise with dumbbells is responsible not only for the muscles of the shoulder girdle, but also directly for building muscle in the forearm. Standing straight and clasping hands with dumbbells to the body, you need to alternately bend each of them to the chest line.

To form a beautiful line of the shoulder joint, you need to put your feet shoulder-width apart. The body should be tilted forward until the shoulder line is parallel to the floor. Inhaling, we lower our hands with dumbbells and raise them as we exhale.

Horizontal Bar Exercises to Target Muscles of Forearm

Training on the horizontal bar will also help to pump up your hands and make them more sculpted and beautiful. This is facilitated even by regular vis for three minutes every day. They not only affect the muscles of the shoulder girdle but also contribute to the formation of the abs and strengthen the back.

You can increase the load with the help of classic push-ups. This will positively affect the set of muscle mass of the forearm, so that they do not need to be put into special efforts. They lend themselves perfectly to training.

Training Program for Building Big Forearms

Hand exercises are always performed in two or three approaches. The number of times in each approach varies from 15-20 as far as possible. After lengthy training, the body itself may require an increase in the number of exercises performed, up to 30-40 times.

A set of training is enough to perform 4 times a week.

  • Exercise for flexion and extension of the arms – 15-20 times in 2-3 sets.
  • Push-ups – 10-15 times in 2 sets, gradually increase the amount.
  • Exercises with dumbbells – each to perform 15-20 times in 2-3 sets.
  • Pullups – perform as much as possible in 2-3 approaches.
  • Hang on the horizontal bar for 2-3 minutes in 3-4 sets.

Training should take about thirty minutes.