How to be Happy?

We’ve been taught in our childhood by our elders to be successful, but no one taught us to be happy in our life. It’s not always important that a successful career gives a perfect life. A perfect life is something in which we can be happier and satisfied with what we are doing. We are hassled in our everyday life, job, family and education and forget to live it the way we want it. We do everything for the happiness of others; did we ever do something for our own happiness? I think, never! In the journey of life, we’ve been confined by our wants and needs. We don’t even know how it feels to be happy and satisfied.

You can find hundreds of blogs on Google, on “how to be happy in life”. Why we ask Google to be happy. There is nothing that other people on the internet tells you about your life. You can find a lot of ways to be happy, but only you know what actually makes you happy. It’s your duty to find your happiness. Some people find happiness in the success, money and power while others find happiness in a simple life with their family and friends. There is nothing complicated about being happy. Here in this blog post, we are going to suggest the ways that you can follow and find your happiness. This blog is all about “how to be happy with yourself”.

Ways to be truly happy?

1.      Find out what you like

How can you find your happiness when you don’t even know what makes you happy? It’s important to explore your happiness. Find out what are the activities that make you happy, who is the person, you feel happy with, what is your favourite food, what colour makes you feel relaxed and happy.  Once you know where your happiness is, you’ll automatically find the best ways to be happy. Take your time, improve upon your weaknesses and build a happy life for yourself.

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2.      Make positive memories

The best way to be happy is by filling your mind with a lot of happy and positive memories. Try spending more and more time with the people who make you happy at the place, which you like the most. Our brains are good at remembering negative things; in fact, negative things affect our mind so badly that it could take years to overcome. We start thinking negative and ruin our life due to a negative incident. Whatsoever happens in your life, try avoiding it. Only remember good things in your life and make positive memories that can make you happy whenever you think about them. Making positive and lovable memories is how to be happy alone.

3.      End negativity from your life

Let’s get the guts to face the rejection in our life, stop worrying, stop making self-judgements, stop questioning our choices, stop thinking negatively, stop jealousy, stop wanting, stop regretting and stop thinking about other. Once we make these changes in our life, it would get easier for us to be happy. Our brains would be able to adapt more positivity, which makes us happy. If anyone asks me “how to be happy with yourself”, my only answer would be, just remove negative aspects of your life.

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4. Make things clear

What makes us most stressed? Not being clear about our future goals. To get happiness, it’s very important to make things clear. We should choose a single path in our life and focus on walking that particular path with complete dedication and hard work. Nothing can stop you from achieving your goals if you keep a clear goal in your life. Nothing gives you happiness, as your achievements give. It’s an extremely happy and satisfied feeling when you achieve the goals you set.

5.      Be yourself

People generally ask “how to be happy at work”, well the answer is by being yourself and speak up what’s right and wrong. When we let people dictate us, we remain unhappy. We all want to work at a place where we’re understood and listened. We need to advocate for our own wants and happiness. We should express our feelings in the right words and be ourselves. This is the best way to be happy in the workplace. Being clear about your thoughts and choices in your life is very important.

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6.      Ignore negative people

There are some negative people around us who make up feeling miserable. To be happy, it’s important to get rid of negativity from your life. Eliminate negative people from your life. That’s simply how to be happy in life. Surround yourself with only positive people. Sometimes too much negativity can make your stressed, in fact depressed. Build meaningful connections and relationships with people who care about you and your happiness.

7.      Focus on your strengths

We focus on your weaknesses instead of strengths, which is not good at all. It’s recommended to focus your time and energy on your strengths. No one is perfect and good at everything. You need to accept what you are and that’s your biggest strength. When you know your strengths, you feel less frustrated, more balanced and accomplished.

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8.      Believe yourself

Everyone has the power to change his life. Embrace yourself, believe yourself and love yourself. Once you accept that principle, it will open your mind and bring a lot of possibilities to be happy in your life. Develop positive habits and show more self-understanding. Embracing your imperfect perfections is the smartest way to be happy.

9.      Go for shopping

Treating yourself is very important to be happy. Shopping can make any person happy. Shopping is the best therapy to be happy. Whenever you feel miserable, go to your favourite shopping destination and shop whatever you want. Did you know that when you go shopping your brain releases more serotonin, which is a feel-good chemical? The smell of new things, eye-catching colours and happy ambience of the market works as an instant mood lifter. It is a scientifically proven fact that shopping heals your inside sadness and makes you feel better.

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10.  Take a break

When you’re done with your job, relationships and friends, just take a break and go on a solo trip. Going on a solo trip is the best way to uplift your mood and boost confidence. Stay at a soothing place alone, spend time with strangers, go clubbing, and eat your favourite dishes every day. Have a change in your life. If you’ve never been to any place, it’s the time to make your own life decision, be selfish and go on a vacation.

There are a lot of good and bad times you face in your entire life. It’s very important to hug good things and kick away bad memories. I hope this blog on “how to be happy in life” will help you bring happiness in your life. Don’t let others dictate your life. Do what makes you happy, embrace your life, welcome happiness in your life, and be confident and positive. You can make your life easy when you’ll be happy. Bring a change, smile more and make other’s feel good.