What is Kallangur family practice? Here’s everything you need to know about it!

Family practice us the medical specialty which deals with the entire health care of the individual and the family. Family practice integrates biology, clinical and behavior sciences and does not limit the treatment on the basis of age or sex of patients, the organ system or disease entity. Family practice as it is now known was only accepted legally after 1969, but it emerged from older forms of general practice with a single practitioner meeting all the healthcare needs of an individual.

In the 1960s there was worldwide concern over the shortage of practitioners and many important reports by government agencies and medical planners stressed that it was necessary for more family doctors to be the first contact with the health care system and to provide patients for continuous care. Family practice was specifically designed to prepare people. As the specialist in family practice, the practitioner must perform a number in rigorous examinations on scientific experience and information to show his interaction with the evolving medical awareness in these areas. Kallangur doctors have been providing the family practice.

Kallangur family practice        

The Kallangur Family Practice provides clinical care for patients in significant numbers 7 days a week with urgent appointments required on the same day. At Kallangur medical centre, we welcome new patients and they also have the choice to select from male and female physicians. Same Day appointments are available at Kallangur family medical center. Our exceptionally trained, ethical, kind, experienced and knowledgeable physicians guarantee your safety and good health. We handle patients of all ages, gender and region. We integrate a variety of professionals with diverse backgrounds and preferences that help you develop a long-term partnership with the medical provider, so that you can seek assistance anytime you need it.

The family practice at Kallangur fro experts         

The professional staff at Kallangur Family is impartial of the care of a patient. The Kallangur Family Medical Practice doctors will provide you and your family with the best possible medical service. Our expert doctors support the health and overall well-being of children, men and women. We provide Kallangur medical services in a hygienic environment. We have everything from vaccines to travel medication.

Our wide range of services include –

  • General Medicine
  • Child Health & Immunization
  • Minor Accident & Casualty Care
  • Regular Health Checkups for People of all Ages
  • Wound Care/Injury Management
  • Men’s & Women’s Personal Health
  • Contraceptive Implant Insertions & Removals
  • Maternity Care for Women
  • Family Planning & Contraception Advice
  • Sexual Health & STI Testing and Treatment
  • Skin Cancer Screening
  • Chronic Illness Management & Care Plans
  • Testing for Heart (ECG), Lung (spirometry) & Hearing (audiometry)
  • Drug & Alcohol Screening
  • Coronavirus screening & Treatment

Our bulk billing doctors in Kallangur provides comprehensive range of services including X-Ray Psychologists, Pathology, Diabetic Educator, Physiotherapist, and Dietitian. Avail exclusive Kallangur medical services from passionate healthcare experts.