10 Habits That May Harm Your Kidneys: Avoid It

Kidneys play an essential role in keeping your body functioning. From producing red blood cells to regulating blood pressure, detoxifying the internal organs, eliminating excess water, and controlling the levels of essential minerals present in the blood, kidneys run 24/7 to keep your body in check. Thus, it becomes vital to do everything required to keep your kidneys healthy. If the health of the kidney is compromised, it can cause some severe reactions to your body that can be lethal as well.

To start, you should work on letting go of the habits that are harming your kidneys. On the other hand, it’s essential to visit a reputed hospital once a while for a check-up to see if everything’s fine.

We have made a small list of the most common habits that can harm your kidneys severely.

#1 Insufficient water intake

You should consume at least 10-12 glasses of water daily, including a cup of fresh juice like lemonade. Liquid intake is vital to keep your body hydrated and kidneys healthy. Less water means your blood gets concentrated. When this happens, your kidneys’ ability to flush out the toxins get hindered. It may lead to serious health problems.

#2 Excessive use of medications and painkillers

Experts suggest that excessive use of oral medications like OTC pain medicines can increase the levels of minerals in the blood and urine that later crystallize to form stones.

#3 High salt diet

High salt diet means you are consuming a lot of sodium. Increased salt intake leads to high blood pressure that directly affects your kidneys.

#4 Inadequate Sleep

Good, healthy sleep is a must for the entire body and not just kidneys. However, your kidneys are affected the most when you miss out on sleep because your kidneys are regulated by the sleep-wake cycle. If it is interrupted, your kidneys may work improperly.

#5 Munching on processed foods

The worst habit you can continue to have is not controlling your cravings for processed and fast food. Processed foods contain high levels of contaminated content that are harmful to the kidneys.

#6 Consuming high amounts of meat

While animal protein is right for you, consuming it in high amounts can increase the acid level in the blood. The high acid level makes it difficult for the kidneys to process effectively. Focus more on vegetables and fruits, as they are easy to digest.

#7 Drinking alcohol in excess

If you are a heavy drinker, then you are at the risk of chronic kidney disease. 1-2 drinks a day is enough, but if you are overdoing it, it can cause severe dehydration. Alcoholics are at high risk of suffering from kidney-related issues, including complete kidney damage.

#8 Smoking

Smoking is terrible for your entire health and not just kidneys. According to doctors and experts, those who smoke have a higher content of protein in their urine. Higher protein content means the urine is highly concentrated. It increases the chances of causing kidney stones and UTIs. 

#9 Indulging your sweet tooth too often

Eating sugary foods increases the risk of weight gain and obesity. When you put on unhealthy weight, you are prone to diabetes and high blood pressure. Adulteration is a significant concern as most foods and beverages these days have artificial sweeteners that can take a toll on your kidneys.

#10 Living a sedentary lifestyle

Those who live a sedentary lifestyle are at the highest risk of developing kidney disease. Daily exercise is recommended to encourage new blood production.

Final Words

Focus on making necessary lifestyle changes for your overall health. When you feel good, your organs will also function properly.