Is it Possible to Survive Stage Four Breast Cancer?

The National Cancer Institute states that 27% American women survive for five years after being diagnosed with stage four breast cancer. A myriad of factors determines the longevity & quality of life when living with breast cancer.

Various types of breast tumors behave differently. Some behave more aggressively than others and have few treatment possibilities. Ideally, early diagnosis is crucial in your fight to survive breast cancer.

PCR Master Mix is the most preferred diagnosis to determine any lump in the breast. During the treatment, it is done frequently to understand the progress made by the patient and after cure, to detect any resurgence.

Higher survival rates are also associated with the location and extent of metastasis. If it has spread to the bones, then the results of treatments become significantly slow.

In a nutshell, get yourself diagnosed early and seek immediate treatment such as chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, or surgery to remove the tumor. Moreover, making specific lifestyle changes can help you improve the effectiveness of treatment.

What is Stage Four Breast Cancer?

Also known as advanced or metastatic breast cancer, stage four is a phase when the tumor has spread from the breast to other areas of your body. The cancerous cells have traveled to the lungs, brain, bones, or other organs via the lymphatic system. In simple words. stage four is the most dangerous and life-threatening phase of cancer.

Stage four of breast cancer develops several months or years after the patient has been detected with a lump in the breast. The patient has rarely progressed stage four without any early symptoms. In most cases, most turn a blind eye to the early warning signs.

Typically, if you have a family history of breast cancer or experiencing symptoms like redness in the nipple area, excessive nipple discharge, a new lump in the underarm area or breast, etc., consult your doctor.

Yes, breast cancer stage four can be challenging, but with a proper treatment plan and self-practicing, lifestyle habits can improve outcomes. It will significantly enhance your lifespan and quality of life.

Get Specialized Treatment

If you’ve been diagnosed with breast cancer in stage four, you need to work with an oncologist to prepare a comprehensive treatment plan.

Your healthcare provider will first focus on thwarting the progress of cancerous cells to prevent further damage. Then, the treatment involves a systematic method to treat all the areas affected.

Your oncologist has a variety of treatment options depending on your type of tumor and your medical history.

  • Chemotherapy: A chemical drug for treating the cancer
  • Hormone Therapy: Treat hormone-sensitive cancers
  • Radiation Therapy: Treating Breast cancer, which has progressed to the brain and bones.
  • Surgery: Preferably advised for stage four cancer

Your oncologist will look into an array of factors before recommending a treatment plan. These include your overall health and age and determine that different cancer therapies that have strong side effects are right for you.

If a particular treatment option hasn’t worked earlier, your doctor won’t try it again in stage four.

It’s Never Too Late to Exercise

Exercise is indispensable to achieve physical and mental harmony. Since fatigue is the most symptom with stage four breast cancer, exercise can ease the effects of the symptoms.

It is advisable to start slow, do exercise in small amounts every day, and then as strength builds, increase the intensity of your workout.

While there are several benefits of doing exercise in stage four of breast cancer, speak to your doctor before trying an exercise program,


You can survive stage four breast cancer, but you must have the fighting spirit to script your survival story.