8 Must Skincare Dos And Don’ts For Your Big Day

Skin care is of utmost importance when it is about having q grand therapy with Bridal makeup. A good skin, not only enhanced the look but also highlights all the best features of a bride. Few conventions include elaborating the daily face care routine with hair too.

1. Do get a Salon Facial

Glowing skin is a must for any bride who wants to have fabulous wedding bridal makeup. The portions are really clear, firstly to have a flamboyant face one needs to have a clear base. The professional knows how to pamper your pores and all other facial needs.

But one thing should be kept clear, your face should not be treated like a rough canvas that has imperfections. Whereas, it is best to take care of it beforehand. Every person has their own identity and own features, so instead of trying to remove or desert the special moles and patches; try enhancing the real beauty with glowing skin. Get a glowing face with a citrus facial or a rose facial.

2. Don’t Invest on Fancy Hair Spa

It is quite evident that you will get your hair done for the wedding by a professional hairstylist. That person is undoubtedly going to use a lot of products. A lot means a lot of it. Which might include products like lacquer sprays, heat protectant sprays, and obviously texture sprays. To be honest, this might settle your bridal makeup like a pro, but at the end of the day, it is going to ruin your hair’s natural moisture.

These products are hard to get rid of, and after washing and oiling your hair out you will feel the necessity to get the hair treatment again. So, instead of doing it beforehand get it done after the wedding ties. The bridal makeup artist is highly passionate about your face and so is the hairdresser, so have a nice spa after you are done with the wedding.

3. Do get body polishing

Yes, if your complexion has got weird lines all around the body then this is just the best option for you. These lines are only going to act as a barrier between skin tones. Differences between facial tone, and the rest of the body. So, instead of wasting money on hair spa and other things, try getting a good salon finished body polishing.

The process is extremely minimalistic in its manner of helping the bride relax and have a good massage. The professional firstly does a mild scrubbing around the arms, legs, feet, and back. Then, they cleanse, mask, and finally polish massage.

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4. Don’t Invest on Body Bleaching

Bridal makeup to be honest doesn’t really require doing anything with the body, but bleaching actually does nothing. Neither to the face nor to the body. The process of bleaching involves strong use of chemicals which only lightens the hair color.

This clearly means that bleaching will only turn your facial hair and body hair into light brown, orange, yellow, or wheatish according to the amount used. This helps in neutrality of the skin stone, but doesn’t really do anything with the bridal makeup.    

5. Do get your Bikini line & Body Waxed

Wedding call for some special waxing seasons. Which includes special care to inner thighs and also private parts. Though it has nothing to do with bridal makeup, but bikini waxing and body waxing is a must for all brides.

6. Don’t Use Artificial Scrubbing

Yes, many might suggest artificial scrubs like walnut, and other fruit scrubs that have bits and granules in their texture. Scrubbing creates minute tears to the skin, which doesn’t really help in the long run.

Scrub somewhat acts as a big damage to the face. Instead of that, use gel cleansing which will rejuvenate the blood vessels inside your skin. Which enhances the bridal makeup quite naturally.

7. Do use face and hair mask frequently

As mentioned above, do not get a hair spa before the wedding day. Instead of that treat your hair with good moisturizing masks. Like, yogurt, eggs and artificially packed spa creams. This will help in your natural skin and texture with the bridal hairstyles.

8. Don’t Invest in Hair cultures

It is well and clear that you will get your hair done for the wedding by a professional hairstylist. That person is undoubtedly going to use a lot of products. A lot means a lot of it. Which might include methods like straightening, curling, crimping and all other stuff. So instead of doing high end cultures to your hair prior to the wedding day, go for it afterwards.

These were all the dos and don’ts for a healthy bridal makeup arrangement. This is not only going to do wonders to your skin but also make the wedding look the best of your lifetime.