7 Reasons to Look for a Retina Specialist

A retina specialist is an eye doctor who is a specialized ophthalmologist for retina treatments. The doctor is qualified to treat patients with diseases related to the vitreous body and the retina of the eye.

A trained and professional retina specialist is the one who has completed medical school and has received special training in the vitreoretinal field.

Work Of A Retina Specialist

A retina specialist can diagnose and evaluate the retina conditions of the eye and figure out if there is any vitreous disease. Advanced technology and the latest medical instruments are used to do retina and vitreous body tests. These are done in both private clinics and eye hospitals. You can find the best retina specialist in India for retina treatment. Both children and adults may have retina problems and only a retina specialist can provide the right treatment solution.

Some of the conditions that retina specialists treat are age-related retinal issues, retinal detachment and eye cancers. They can also treat patients with hereditary eye diseases.

For a more detailed concept, let’s discuss the 7 major reasons why you need a retina specialist.

Why Do You Need A Retina Specialist?

Retinal Tear Or Detached

This is the most common reason for seeking a retina specialist. A torn or detached retina needs immediate treatment. It occurs because of acute posterior vitreous detachments, trauma or high myopia with lattice degeneration. In such a case the patient must seek a retina specialist so that the condition can be treated at the earliest. Any delay may cause permanent vision loss.

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Intraocular Foreign Body

In case, an intraocular foreign body is suspected inside the retina the patient must see a retina specialist for the immediate removal of the foreign body. 

Infectious Endophthalmitis

If there is any infectious endophthalmitis found after the operation of cataract or glaucoma or any traumatic condition, you should see a retina specialist. Most patients after cataract or glaucoma treatment need to get their retina checked for any signs of sepsis or endocarditis.

Diabetic Retinopathy

Patients with levels of sugar are prone to diabetic retinopathy. This causes vision loss and it requires retina treatments. In case you are diagnosed with diabetes, you should consult with an ophthalmologist who is also a retina specialist.

Diabetic Macular Edema 

In this condition, the patient needs comprehensive retina treatments from an experienced retina specialist. Laser treatment is one of the best ways to treat this condition.

Age-related Macular Degeneration

In this condition, the patient experiences vision loss due to drying of the center of the retina or due to leaky blood vessels. One of the symptoms of this condition is very poor and weak vision.

Vein Occlusion

In this condition, the veins that carry blood from the retina get blocked. Depending upon the severity of the problem the symptoms vary from patient to patient.

The above-mentioned reasons are the most serious concerns to see a retina specialist. Not all conditions have clear symptoms from the beginning. Therefore, one must always consult a retina specialist.