Selecting The Right Fiscal Intermediary For CDPAP

Under the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP) Medicaid initiative by the state of New York, people in need of physical assistance can apply for a caregiver. This caregiver can be anyone from the patient’s family, friends, neighbours and more. They can be brought on board as an official caregiver where they get paid to provide the assistance required by elderly folks, patients with illness and disabilities.


If you are a resident of New York with Medicaid and can self-direct or have a representative to do the same for you, getting a family or friend under CDPAP can offer the following benefits:

  • Get help from your family and friends without hesitation as they get paid for it
  • As a patient, you don’t have to bear any cost, all the payments are done by Medicaid
  • CDPAP caregivers are trained and well-equipped than classic home aides
  • You not just get physical support but also having a known face around can improve your mental state. This helps in making the recovery process efficient and quick
  • There is a certain trust in family and friends as they can keep an eye on potential health issues and risks. If these are caught early, it can save a lot of money and need for complicated care
  • You have the option to register multiple caregivers for your help. This is great if your friends and family are available as part-time caregivers, are on a vacation or unable to visit due to illness

Who are Fiscal Intermediaries?

Medicaid announced the CDPAP initiative for the state of New York. But to ensure that the patients and the caregiver system are officiated according to the rules, a fiscal intermediary such as FreedomCare is required. They are a middleman between the patient or their designated representatives and government programs. These private agencies have contractual responsibility towards both, the consumer and the government.

Fiscal Intermediary (FI) is responsible for:

  • Processing payments of wages and benefits for CDPAP approved caregivers
  • Hold their wages and process all income tax and withholdings
  • Comply with laws and requirements governing worker’s compensation, unemployment insurance and disability insurance
  • Ensure every physical assistant under CDPAP is healthy and able according to the standards according to state regulations
  • Monitor the consumers and ensure the caregiver fulfils their responsibilities
  • Keep in touch with the consumers or the designated representatives to notify and update any emergent situation that’s relevant to them
  • Maintain the administrative agreement with the Department of Health or contract with Local Departments of Social Services to offer CDPAP services
  • Ensure the consumers and the caregivers comply with laws and regulations of New York

Why choose a Fiscal Intermediary in FreedomCare

Apart from the state-directed initiatives and rules, FreedomCare offers excellent rates to the caregivers and pays them handsomely for overtime. Apart from getting regular payments, they offer multiple benefits to choose from. These benefits are:

  • A 401(k) retirement package that secures your future. The company matches your savings if you plan to put 3% every week and matches up to half of the amount for amounts above it
  • Reimbursement and coverage for various necessities such as Child Care, Gym and Dental Care. They also have a Pampering care package and a Caregiver Wellness Program that ensures you are always healthy, rested and cheerful to help others
  • You receive up to 40 hours of paid leave for sick time or vacation
  • You receive weekly payments with direct deposits made into your account
  • Insurance coverage for disability, health and vision. These require no monthly charges from your end

Who can become a Caregiver?

Under the CDPAP initiative, Medicaid-registered consumers can hire their friends, relatives, etc. as their official caregiver. FIs will provide all the details once you contact them, but the most general requirements you should meet are:

  • Be a legal adult and a resident of New York
  • Not be the spouse of the designated representative of the applicant
  • Not the parent of the patient that is under younger than 21 years
  • Have legal work visa and paperwork in place in case of immigrants

If you meet the above requirement and the other few that is specific to your application, you will need to:

  • Undergo training provided by FreedomCare for caregiving. You don’t need any previous experience or certification in the health care sector
  • Get tested for TB and proof from the doctors that you are immune towards Measles/Rubella
  • Learn to do more than a general home care aide does by learning to even perform nursing tasks such as giving oxygen and injections