How To Make Yourself Sneeze : 9 Ways

We all are familiar with the annoying feeling of itching and irritation that occurs when a foreign object enters into our nose and gets trapped. You want to sneeze but you can’t and this is extremely frustrating and uncomfortable. If you need to clean any congestion due to dirt or any other foreign particle in your nose, then you simply want to sneeze, but you can’t actually sneeze and it just lingers in your nostrils. No getting sneeze is deeply frustrating whether you are suffering from allergies, cold, or just have the sensation of cleaning up the nasal passage. Sneezing plays a major role in clearing your nasal passage and relieving congestion.

Okay, how does it feel when you sneeze after a long time? Isn’t it satisfying and relaxing? So, how to make yourself sneeze? Well, here in this blog post, we are going to share some tips that will help you make yourself sneeze and relax. These sneeze-inducing methods will surely trigger your body to sneeze on your demand.

How to make yourself sneeze? When nothing else is working

1.   Tickle your nose

This is the most common method of sneezing that you were aware of. Take a tissue, roll it up, insert it into your nose and tickle. Tickle by gently moving the tissue corner into your nose and once you start feeling the tickling sensation, remove the tissue. This will stimulate the sneezing nerve and make your sneeze instantly. You can tickle your nose with an earbud or feather also. But the problem with this trick is that you can only do it when you are alone. It can’t be done when you are in a public place or gathering. Be careful with this trick. Do not insert any pointy object in your nose, as it can cause wounds in your nose and badly harm you.

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2.  Sniff a spice

If you are in your kitchen and not finding any object to trigger sneezing, then just sniff a spice like black, white, red and green pepper. Pepper contains peperine which causes irritation in your nose and triggers sneezing nerve. Make sure to be careful while trying this method. Only use this method when you are feeling irritated due to not getting a satisfactory sneeze. Do not inhale any spice too much as it can cause a burning sensation in your nose and eyes. Gently irritate your nose with pepper and make yourself sneeze.

3.  Sniff a strong perfume

Let me tell you that this trick won’t apply to everybody’s nose. Some people are allergic to the strong smell. So when they sniff a perfume with a strong smell, it makes them sneeze. If you are feeling irritated, just spray perfume or cologne with a strong smell in the air and smell it to trigger your sneezing nerves and go ““aaachooooo”. Sniffing a perfume or cologne will help you sneeze for sure.

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4.  Tweeze your nose hair

The thought of tweezing hair from your nose can make your nose itch and cause sneezing. So, the next time you want to get that satisfactory sneeze, just pluck the hair of your nose. This might look painful but works! When you tweeze hair from your nose, it stimulates the trigeminal nerve and makes you sneeze instantly. Make sure to be gentle while plucking hair from your nose, as the skin of your nose is very sensitive and you’ll end up hurting yourself if not done with proper care. We won’t recommend this method, as you can try other methods like sniffing perfume, nose tickling, etc.

5.  Pluck your eyebrow

There are some people who can just pick up their eyebrow hair and sneeze. To see whether this allows you to sneeze, take a pair of hair tweezers and use them to pluck one eyebrow hair. Tweezing your brows irritates your facial nerves and activates the trigeminal nerve to sneeze. This might be sufficient to sneeze instantly. This may have happened to you by accident when you were tweezing your light-coloured, extra eyebrow hair. Now try it on demand. Grasp the hair of the eyebrow near the root with the tips of the tweezers and pluck it out rapidly for an instant sneeze.

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6.  Look at bright light suddenly

 If you don’t feel a sneeze coming and a foreign object is irritating your nose, just go out in a bright light suddenly and have the special photic reflex sneeze. Only people who have a built-in photic sneeze reflex can take advantage of this method. If you are one of those people who get the ticklish sensation in their nose when going out in the bright light, then try this method.  This trick will only work when you suddenly see a bright light. If you want to try this method, sit in dark for sometimes to allow your eyes to adjust to the darkness and then suddenly see the light. This will definitely make you sneeze.

7.  Breath cold air

When it is low temperature, you seem to sneeze more. Many people will sneeze when they breathe cold air. While winter comes, try to stick your head outdoors, breathe deeply in, or stand before an open freezer to stimulate your sneezing nerve. Another method of doing this is to take a hot shower and when you come out, take a deep breath of cold air and sneeze frequently. Exposure to cold air will make your sneeze instantly. This is an effective way to induce sneeze, but make sure to be very cautious, as you may fall ill due to cold air.

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8.  Drink carbonated liquid

We all have experienced the tingling in our nose and throat after consuming carbonated drinks like soda, beer and Coca Cola. We get this feeling when carbonation touches our nose directly. If you want to sneeze and you don’t have any other option, then try carbonated drinks. Drink a carbonated drink and encourage the bubbles to knock your nose. Make sure the drink is fizzy if you want an instant effect.

9.  Chew peppermint gum

Several people get the sneezing sensation when they smell peppermint. If you have mint or peppermint gum, then eat it when you want to sneeze. Sneezing can be induced by sucking on one of two mint-flavoured gums. The sneeze is triggered by the absorption of the heavy mint savour of the gum. The inhalation of a heavy mint taste induces sneezing by overstimulation of any of the nerve around the trigeminal nerve. Mint toothpaste sniffing might work as well. Just open the toothpaste cap and inhale the scent.

These are effective tips on how to make yourself sneeze with a stuffy nose. Try out a couple of these remedies and see whether if they work or not. Remember not to go overboard and hurt yourself. Once you try these methods, tell us which one induced a sneeze and gave you satisfactory sneezing instantly. Sneezing will make you feel good if you want to release some foreign objects from your nose. It will also give you a positive feeling by triggering receptors in your brain. If you feel any type of congestion in your nose, try out these amazing methods.

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