How To Make Your Skin Bright

If you are of mixed or oily skin you surely know how difficult it is to keep your makeup intact without the face starting to shine or the whole base melts, right? We understand you! And let us tell you that to end it, absorbent papers are not enough or apply thousands of layers of powder, the key is to do a good skincare routine and complement it with these makeup tips so that your face does not shine super effective.

Believe us, once you put them into practice you will never let them go and your face will never look oily again. Read what they are all about and check it out today! Never miss to buy beauty & skin products using Deciem The Ordinary Discount Codes.

1. Use a mattifying primer

The first step you can not skip if your face tends to shine over the hours, since its effects improve the appearance of pores and extend the duration of makeup. We recommend you opt for those that have mattifying properties to achieve a velvety canvas before the base or concealer.

2. Apply magnesia milk

This type of makeup so that your face does not shine is REALLY effective (but not for daily makeup, nor for skin with a tendency to dry on certain parts of the face). It is about applying a thin layer of milk of magnesia before the base, wait for it to dry and proceed with the following steps.

Why does it work? Milk of magnesia absorbs shine, refines pores and deflates. The condition is to use it only sometimes. We want to make our makeup intact for hours lasts more frequently in cases , or if the skin is sooo fat-.

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3. Use a light base

So that the base does not look cakey or passed during the day due to excess oil, which makes your face shine more , the makeup secret is to use a light formula, very covering and long-lasting. In addition, the ideal is to apply just a little with a sponge and blend to one side to make it look naturally perfect. This is also a great makeup tip to make it look like you don’t have a base. You now get the makeup kits at affordable prices using Amazon promotional codes.

4. Say yes to rice powder

The rice powder illuminates, modifies and smoothes the skin at the same time, making it our best advice for use for combination or oily skin, so you can eliminate shine from the face. Use it in its loose version in the areas of shine and blend it very well in light layers, if you apply the milk of magnesia tip. Otherwise, use it as a baking to control the “frying pan” effect of the day to day.

And attention, if you go over powder (or use compact) you will make the folds and imperfections notice more with the oils that your face releases, be careful!

5. Makeup fixer = must

You can not fail to seal everything you have done and keep it in place from morning to night. In addition, a good splash will give the skin a fresher and healthier appearance. Remember to apply it to 15 or 20 cm from your face and choose the ones that provide a matte finish if the shine really dominates your face.

And finally, if you want to eliminate the appearance of “oil” on the face forever, before these tips apply a mask for oily skin so that the face does not shine. They will change your life!