Expert Tips On How To Increase Breast Size Naturally.

Your breasts are your greatest assets, as they make you feel sexier, seductive and a lot more attractive. Big and supple breasts can make your body look more sculpted. The ideal size of your breasts is 36. There are a lot of women all around the world, who are not happy with their breast size. It is said that you inherit your breast size and shape from your mother or grandmother. The size of your breasts is affected by your hormones, lifestyle, genetics and body weight. The breasts typically vary in size and shape from person to person. There are various ways you can increase your breast size naturally. Check out the following ways to increase the size of your breasts naturally

Tips on how to increase breast size naturally via exercise

Do wall presses

If you find doing push-ups though, then wall presses are best for you to increase the size of your breast. To do wall presses, you will have force yourself against a wall just like push-ups. Wall presses strengthen the pectoral muscles and improve the shape and size of your breasts. Stand before a pillar and lift your arms to the point of your neck. Place your hands on the wall and move the wall off until your arms are at the outstretched position, with elbows curled and then return to the original position. Try four sets of ten wall presses per days for the best size and toned breasts.

Arm circles are effective

Arm circle is a non-weighted exercise that targets your boob muscles. It is an easy-to-do exercise, which will help you in improving your breast size and shape. To do this exercise, your arms should be extended on the sides and you need to draw a circle with your hands in the air. It is one of the most popular forms of exercise performed by athletes for instant warm-up. If you want to make the exercise more effective and advanced, add small weights to your hands and then do it.

Arm presses to lift them up

Multi-angle chest exercises provide enough relaxation to improve muscle strength and size. If you want to lift your breasts up and make them look toned, then arm press is the best exercise for you. To do this exercise, stand with your hands extended in the air. Stretch your arms behind your back with full pressure and then bring them together. You need to do it just like a butterfly does with its wings.

Try Prayer pose

This kind of workout allows you to contract without stretching your muscles and is particularly good for growing chest muscles. To do this exercise, keep your arms extended and bring your wrists close together to make a “Namaste” position. Bend the elbows at 90 degrees and hold the position for 10 seconds and release. Repeat this exercise 15 times a day and see the result. It will surely bring a change in your breast size.

Horizontal chest press will bring a change

The raising of your breasts size involves the concentration of your pectoral and postural muscles. The horizontal chest press is the best exercise to target your pectoral and postural muscles. To do this exercise, you need to lift your arms and bend them at a 90-degree angle. Open your arms wide and then bring them together again. Repeat this exercise 15 times a day and do each set for 1 minute for better results.

Chest press extension to target breasts

Doing this exercise would require a set of dumbbells. You need to hold a dumbbell in each hand to perform this exercise. Lie supine holding dumbbells in your hands. Make you maintain a flat spine. Now pull your arms and then extend in front. Now bring your hands back to shoulders. Keep your elbows and wrists in the right position and make every movement slowly. Try doing 3 sets of 12 reps every day to target your breast muscles and improve their size.

Easy tips on how to increase breast size with food

1.      Drink milk regularly

The regular intake of milk supports breast tissue development. Cow’s milk is good for women, as it is enriched with estrogens, progesterone and prolactin, which boost the size of your breasts. Soy milk is also good for breast size. Soy milk is soybean inspired. This produces high concentrations of phytoestrogens such as isoflavones that tend to gradually increase the breast size.

2.      Nuts

Nuts like almonds, cashew, pistachios, etc. have monosaturated fats, which are important in the production of breast tissue and enhance breast growth. If you want to improve the size of your breast gradually, then having dried nuts will help you. You can just easily carry them in your pocket anywhere and have them every time you feel hungry.

3.      Papaya

It is quite a shock that papaya is included in this collection. What you haven’t noticed is that Papaya really needs to help with breast growth. Together with milk Papaya can be a bonus to expand your breast size. The best thing is that it’s completely safe and effective. No hassle full effect! Try papaya and see the difference in your breast size. Pregnant women should avoid eating papaya.

4.      Green leafy vegetables

Green leafy vegetables must be included in your regular diet to improve your breast size. Green vegetables supply iron and calcium to your body.  Green leafy plants do not produce phytoestrogens that allow the breast tissue to grow, but they make your breasts look toned. The avoidance of male testosterone output in women is also a justification for consuming green leafy vegetables. This balances the hormones in the body of the woman and allows the body to function at natural estrogen levels.

5.      Seafood

Seafood helps induce the growth of breast tissue. It helps in increasing your sex hormones. Consume fish and you will be shocked to discover the effects on your health. Seafood can do wonders to your health. Certain seafood will lead to better breast growth. Manganese, which causes sexual hormones within the body, is riddled with oysters, shellfish and plus seaweed. Include seafood to your regular diet and see the change in your breast size.

6.      Fenugreek seed extract

Would you ever imagine that the fenugreek seeds can improve your breast size? Take fenugreek capsules and take them one time every day to increase the size of your breasts and make them look shaped. You should apply herbal fenugreek oil on your breast every day and give your breast a nice form. Seeds from fenugreeks are a rich source of phytoestrogens that encourage better growth of the mammalian gland.

7.      Meat

Meat is known to improve the size of your bust quickly. Eat chicken and mutton thrice a week to boost your estrogen levels. Increasing estrogen level will improve the size of your bust naturally. Meat contains fat, which also increases the size of your breasts.

Follow all the exercise and food tips and see a positive increase in your breast size. You can also go for the surgical method to increase your boob size. No doubt, it’s effective, but it is very costly and needs proper care and regular examination.