What To Consider Before Buying Frames For Prescription Glasses?

When you buy frames for prescription glasses, have you ever given a thought about what you should consider before you place your order?  Nowadays, instead of going to the stores, there are a lot of marketplaces or web stores where you can simply hop on and place the order. What do you consider when you check out frames for glasses? Colour, design, pattern, stylish looks and of course the right prescription? There are more than colours and designs that you must check out when you especially buy prescription glasses online.

We are listing a few guided points that must be kept in mind while buying before buying frames for prescription glasses:

1) The material of the frame

Often the user is only mesmerised by the colours, patterns, and designs of the frames. It is equally important to analyse the material of the frames too. Nowadays, the frames are available in Acetate (high grade plastic), metal, Titanium, Stainless steel, aluminium, gunmetal, etc. All these strong materials make advanced quality frames so desirable. Since they possess the unbreakable feature, they last longer without losing their colour, texture or the shine of the metal. Eyeglasses frames made from Titanium are considered one of the best among all material due to its ability to be flexible enough to return back to its original shape when twisted, turn or bent.

2) Distance between the eyes

The measurement between the two lenses of the eyes is actually the distance among the left and right eyes. This distance basically ranges between 40 to 62 mm.  When you are searching the frames online also do check the specifications and match with the width of your eyes.

3) Bridge size:

Bridge size is the distance that is measured between the two lenses of the eyeglasses. It is easy to measure and varies from 14 to 24 mm. If your eyes are wide apart then choose the frame that has bridge with wider distance. Similarly, if you notice that your eyes are placed close to each other then eyeglasses with lesser distance between the lenses will be better

4) Size of the temple

Temple is the arm piece that rests on your ears. The measurement of the arm piece or the temple should always be compared when you buy prescription glasses online. The size of the temple ranges from 120 to 165 mm.

Generally, the eye size, bridge size and the size of the temples are printed on your eyeglasses frames. It is visible inside on any of the temple arms. You can cross check the same and check out in your existing glasses, it must be printed on the same.

5) Quality and features

As much as the high quality of the material of the frames for glasses is important, so are the requisite features. The features of frames such as light in weight, hypoallergenic (do not cause any skin allergy or rashes), durability, corrosion resistance and scratch resistance are also an essential part of the frames. Besides, enough care must be taken when selecting eyeglasses for the children, as they tend to break, loose or bend the eyeglasses. Therefore, eyeglasses that are durable and do not break easily are better for children. 

6) Pocket friendly

Definitely, prices are one of the most determining factors when you buy frames for prescription glasses. The cost should be reasonable as well as accessible along with providing value for money.

Apart from the above, it is equally important that your glasses are at par with the prescription of your eyes and are able to hold the thickness and the kind of the lenses. 

Are cheap glasses frames worth buying with a prescription?

When you buy prescription glasses online the prices are an important factor whether you buy prescription glasses or non-prescription glasses. Not all cheap glasses are worth buying if the low cost of the glasses does not carry all the required features.  However, if the prices are affordable and possess all the desirable features, then it is absolutely perfect to buy cheap glasses.

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