Sex During Pregnancy – Is It Safe To Have Sex During Pregnancy?

You can’t deny the fact that once we are sexually active, it gets tough for us to live a month or a week or a day without sex. Sex is an addiction, especially if it makes you feel relaxed and satisfied. Whether it’s a man or a woman, both can’t live without sex in a relationship. You and your wife might have had plenty of sex sessions in the bedroom while you were trying to conceive a baby. Now that you’re pregnant, your emotions about sex may not be clear. Is it safe? Can it be handled conveniently? And it’s even worth it especially if you feel exhausted?

When a woman gets pregnant, the first apprehension arises in her mind is whether to have sex during pregnancy or not.  A woman can choose to have sex throughout her pregnancy if her pregnancy is healthy and normal. Generally, a female sex drive may rise at some stages of pregnancy, so sex may have some benefits. You may experience anything during pregnancy, from romantic to sensual or removed from wanting sex. But don’t get into the trap of thinking that you cannot be pregnant or sexually active at the same time. Having sex will not hurt your child. The penis cannot penetrate deeper into your vagina, and the child cannot tell what is happening. All the noises are muffled, and in no language will your baby understand those dirty talks.

Is it safe to have sex during pregnancy?

Unless your doctor restricts to have sex due to specific reasons, it’s completely safe for you, your partner and your baby. If your pregnancy is complicated, you may be restricted to have sex. Some people believe in a myth that having sex during pregnancy can cause damage to the baby, increase chances of miscarriage and induce early labour. However, in a perfectly healthy pregnancy, none of these complications is possible. Your cervix is surrounded by uterus muscles, amniotic fluid, and a mucus plug and this keeps your baby completely protected while you have sex.

A slight contraction may occur later in pregnancy or sex. Such contractions are considered to be Braxton Hicks, but they are perfectly normal and need no warning. You might seek any methods of calming or lie down until the contractions move over.

Does sex trigger labour?

There is no risk of labour pain or premature delivery when you have vaginal intercourse during pregnancy. But if your doctor has restricted you to have sexual intercourse, then you can be at high risk of any complication and you need to avoid sex during pregnancy or at a later stage. Braxton Hicks contractions can be induced due to sexual penetration late in pregnancy.

Does sex during pregnancy cause miscarriage?

There no link of miscarriage and sex during pregnancy. Having sex during pregnancy won’t cause any harm to your child. There is no chance of miscarriage due to sexual intercourse. The only reason for miscarriage is the non-development of the fetus. In fact, you can do oral and anal sex during pregnancy and it’s completely safe. But some women face the problem of haemorrhoids during pregnancy and if this condition occurs you should avoid anal stimulation. Avoid anal sex followed by vaginal sex as it can cause infection.

When you need to stop sex

There are certain conditions in which you’d need to avoid sex for your own good health. Following is the list of conditions in which you must avoid anal and vaginal sex-

  •          Twin pregnancy
  •          Cervix problems
  •          Placenta Previa
  •          Cervical incompetence
  •          A history of premature labour
  •          Unknown vaginal bleeding
  •          Substantial blood loss
  •          Amniotic fluid leaking
  •          Haemorrhoids

It’s essential for you to protect your baby and yourself against sexually transmitted infections. STIs can harm your baby’s health and cause complications in your pregnancy. Use condoms while having sex during pregnancy.

Does pregnancy affect your sex drive?

Pregnancy affects a woman’s sex drive in different ways. Due to reduced blood flow in genitals and boost of hormones, most women experience increased sex drive. Some women may experience decreased sex drive due to hormonal fluctuations, lack of body comfort, reduced energy levels and physical pain.

Pregnancy may also affect the sexual drive of your partner. Some men feel attracted to pregnant women due to increasing breast size and sensitive nipples. Make sure to be open about sex with your partner to be more comfortable.

Best sex positions during pregnancy

Take pregnancy as a time to try the the ideal position between you and your husband, particularly in earlier months. Nevertheless, you might have questions about adjusting your partner to maximum abdominal comfort. We’re going to walk through it. Following is the list of the best sex position that you should try during pregnancy.

  •          Spooning
  •          Side by side
  •          Cowgirl
  •          Edge of the bed
  •          Rear entry
  •          Against the wall
  •          Reverse cowgirl
  •          Doggie style
  •          Oral sex in sitting position
  •          Mutual masturbation

Open your joybox and make your pregnancy a time to try the most ideal positions. During pregnancy, you’ll have clitoral sensitivity, which will make sex more enjoyable and satisfactory for you.

Benefits of having sex during pregnancy

Better orgasms

Increased sensitivity in your vaginal area makes it easier for you to get better orgasm. You are more likely to experience satisfied sexual intercourse during pregnancy. Cuddling and foreplay will also be sensuous for you. During pregnancy, you’ll experience more intense sensations and orgasms. If you have never experienced an orgasm in your life, then you should try having sex in your pregnancy.

Happiness booster

Whether you are pregnant or not, sex makes you feel relaxed and happy. Sex is an amazing stress booster, especially when you are pregnant. When you have sex during pregnancy, your brain releases endorphins, which can make you feel happy, satisfied and more relaxed.

Closer bond with your partner

9 month is a long time and it’s obvious to face relationship problems due to lack of physical intercourse. One of the best ways to maintain a closer emotional connection with your partner is having a healthy sex life during pregnancy. The pregnancy phase of your life brings a lot of changes in your overall relationship. It boosts the feeling of love and happiness between you and your partner.

Stay active

Sex burns calories, which would help you and your partner stay active and fit. During sex, it’s essential to stay active. In fact, sex during the last trimester makes labour pain bearable for you. Stay sexually active during pregnancy to stay active and fit. Sex during pregnancy works as a good exercise session and you should follow it.

Boosts immunity

Sex during pregnancy boosts your immunity, which is extremely essential for you during pregnancy as you are more vulnerable. Sex in pregnancy will keep cough, blood pressure, cold, fever and bacterial infections at bay.

If you don’t want to have sexual intercourse, then you can choose other ways to stay connected to your partner and express your love. You can cuddle, make out, massage each other, give and receive oral sex, masturbate, enjoy lip and neck kisses and involve in sexual foreplay.