The Benefits of Thai Massage

Benefits of Thai Massage

Thai massage is one the world’s oldest therapeutic medical traditions, but in the Western world it is little known and less appreciated. This article introduces and explains the basics of Thai massage, and outlines the features that separate it from other common forms of massage. As will be seen, Thai massage is a valuable sub-discipline …

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           A Guide to PPE 

A Guide to PPE 

PPE is abbreviated as Personal Protective Equipment. It became an essential part of our lives recently. Because the human experience is under a significant risk due to the covid-19, PPE is beneficial to all the people for not only doctors or medical professionals. Especially those who are working outside and traveling to multiple locations are …

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Top 6 Lifestyle Trends of 2020

Lifestyle Trends

Wait, life? Does that still exist? Of course! 2020 may have stranded you on the secluded island of your home. And, it may have even made you forget that there is a world beyond that pretend vacation cruise ship originally purchased to be the family sofa, but yes, life still exists.  And, it’s like… being …

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