Are Car Seat Mirrors Safe?

Once you become a parent, there are times that you find that it’s necessary to drive with your baby. It happens that there are no people who you would travel with them in the car to keep watch over the baby, and the essence of the car mirror sets in.

At times it becomes critical to go with the baby for instance when attending to a doctor, going to church or even attending family organized occasions. Presumably, the baby by default becomes the most precious commodity in someone’s life, and as such, one will wish to offer the best.

A car seat is, therefore, necessary to have while you are attending to all these activities which must be kept in the back seat of the car. In such a case the need for a car seat mirror arises.

Car seat mirrors are those mirrors that are installed in the car to be able to see what the baby could be doing while sited alone. There have been arguments that the mirror may not be safe because of several reasons,

  1. Distractions while driving- If we take the instance whereby the mother is with the baby alone in the car, she may keep checking on the baby to an extent she gets distracted while driving which could cause an accident.
  2. In case of an accident, the mirror will break near the baby which may end up causing great harm.

Why then should one opt for a car seat mirror?

While people will come up with all these arguments, a car seat mirror comes along with its benefits which include;

1. A car seat mirror will keep entertaining the baby and keep him busy all through the journey. This will ensure that he does not keep on moving from one place to another. When he also sees the Moms image, it somehow creates an assurance that they are together with the mother and as such will keep him calm and entertained.

2. Should anything wrong happen to the baby, one can see the problem early enough and be able to save him. For instance, in case of the baby shawl is covering and suddenly gets into the head, it might end up chocking the baby.

The car seat mirror will be effective in this instance since you will see the issue early enough and save the baby. Young babies do not know how to speak for themselves, and the Mom will be alerted should there be an issue that the baby needs support.

3. Creates am assurance feeling that the baby if fine- Many are the times that Moms get anxious about the situation that the baby is going through. The fact that she may keep thinking that the baby is unwell, hungry, or even soiled, may make the mother lose concentration.

When she sees the baby is resting peacefully, such thoughts fade away and she will have all the peace she needs while traveling.

The car seat mirrors are installed on the back of the headrest for better viewing. However, there are some that are designed for those cars that do not have a headrest such as the Pnbb Shatterproof Baby seat mirror, and they have been built with the mind of the safety of the baby.

What to look for when buying the mirrors

  1. They should be easy to clean for a clear view at all times.
  2. They should have a 360-degree rotation.
  3. Should not get fogged or glare at night.
  4. It’s also important to consider those that are pocket-friendly and have great functions and too easy to install.
  5. Finally,
  6. Always focus on how the resolution of the mirror is. It forms the background to the safety of any car seat mirror.