Is 5G Dangerous or Harmful To Our Health

Recently, a ridiculous conspiracy theory was making everyone mad. A lot of people believed that 5G towers are somehow responsible for the spreading of Coronavirus. Due to fake videos and messages on the internet, it was believed by the people in the UK that 5G radio transmissions and COVID-19 are linked. After that People burned the cell 5G towers after learning the fake connection. The claims that 5G radio transmissions and COVID-19 are linked have no scientific evidence. Is 5G dangerous to our health? Let’s read this blog and understand everything deeply.

What is 5G?

It is a fifth-generation wireless technology which allows you to access faster internet on your device. 5G has three bands; millimetre waves (high-band), mid-band, and low-band. Millimetre waves provide the fastest internet with speed reaching 1-2 Gigabits per second. It is said that you can download an HD movie with a click from 5G internet connection. It is a next-generation cellular network after 4G LTE. There are concerns that the high-frequency of 5G could cause adverse effects on health. It is also believed that the radiations of 5G can cause brain tumours and cancer. To get the best answer, let’s discuss further.

Is RF radiations safe?

At the low energy end of the electromagnetic spectrum, the radiation emitted by mobile phones is much safer than high-energy radiation such as x-rays and gamma rays. RF radiation does not serve to ionize or transfer atoms in a molecule even with adequate energy. While RF radiation does not cause cancer by destroying DNA cells, but research on the effects of non-ionizing radiation is still in progress. Using mobile phones is safe for your health.

Is 5g dangerous?

In the past, 5G has been used for certain things including television and other data transmissions, but also by the overwhelming majority. It ensures that we have been using 5G’s unsafe frequencies for decades. Considering that the incidence of cancer has not risen, it is clear that these radio waves have no negative impact on human health. There is certainly nothing which suggests that 5G mmWaves cause health risks. But more work on the subject obviously needs to be conducted. If you are vigilant, RF radiation exposure can be reduced. For e.g., attempt to sleep on the bed without keeping your phone near to your body. It not only offers you peace of mind but also encourages a healthy sleep schedule – a triumph for your safety. It is said that radio waves like thousand meters of waves have no negative impact on your overall health. There are no 5g dangers for your health.

Can 5G cause COVID-19?

Is 5g harmful and causing coronavirus? According to the statement of The US Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and Federal Communications Commission (FCC), there is no link between coronavirus and 5G. It’s proved that the 5G network doesn’t cause coronavirus. It was posted on the internet that 5G networking is weakening the human immune system and cause coronavirus in humans. It is also said that Wuhan was the first city in the world to roll out 5G and coronavirus originated from Wuhan. Let us clear this misconception in your minds. There is no evidence which proves that 5G can damage your immune system and cause coronavirus and cause any other negative effect on human health. 5G is no more or less dangerous than 3G or 4G.


Exposure to any technology can potentially be harmful to human health and 5G is not unique. We just want to tell you that 5G is nowhere responsible for coronavirus pandemic anywhere in the world. Coronavirus is a Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome transmitting from human to human. The disease has no treatment, so it’s better to stay home and keep everyone safe.

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