How Big Is The Average Penis? – Know How Penis Size Differs!

Does penis size matter? Is my penis small? Would I be able to satisfy my partner? Do I have a long or short penis? Worrying about the size of your penis is normal. The experts say that your penis size doesn’t matter, but males can’t stop thinking about it. Every man must have searched “the Average dick size on the internet. Behind the doors, every guy has tried testing the size of his penis. A lot of experts say that the girth of men’s penis matters more than its length.

Women feel more satisfied when they have sex with a person who has a broad penis instead of long. According to a study among the group of 80 men, the average length of an erected penis is 5.1 inches, which the average length of the flaccid penis is 3.5 inches. If we talk about the girth of an average flaccid penis, then it is 3.66 inches and 4.59 inches for an erect penis. Did you know that the size of a penis is differed according to race, country, health, genes, hormones, etc. Let’s discuss in detail –

Average Penis Size by Race

The girth of a penis is determined from the middle of the shaft and the length is determined by pushing a ruler over the pelvic pin above the penis, at the base and measured from the base to the tip of the head. That is the best approach to measure the size of a penis with complete accuracy. There is a variation in penis sizes for different races. The average penis length by ethnicity is as follows-

  • 14.5 cm – White/Caucasian
  • 14.45 cm – Hispanic/Latino
  • 14.15 cm – Asian American
  • 14.75 cm – Black/African-American
  • 13.9 cm – Middle Eastern
  • 12.9 cm – East Asian
  • 13 cm – South Asian
  • 13.65 cm – South East Asian
  • 13.71 – Global Average

The average penis girth by ethnicity is as follows-

  • 12.25 cm – White/Caucasian
  • 12.3 cm – Hispanic/Latino
  • 12.1 cm – Asian American
  • 12.3 cm – Black/African-American
  • 11.9 cm – Middle Eastern
  • 10.5 cm – East Asian
  • 10.5 cm – East Asian
  • 11.46 cm – South Asian
  • 11.2 cm – South East Asian
  • 11.55 cm – Global Average

Here is the list of average Penis size by race in the world. There is a major variation of penis size for different ethnicity. These estimates will be updated as fresh statistics will be collected and old evidence is revised. The details obtained from such numerous penis-size experiments were not enough to confirm anything conclusively. A further study, which is detailed and precise includes a cross-section of the population of various ethnic groups from various nations, genders, races, heights, lifestyle, heredity, etc. should be done.

Average penis length – What’s normal, what’s not?

The main factor of a man’s self-esteem is penis size. A typical guy greatly underestimates the relative size of his penis. There are even other questions regarding how their penis looks when it’s limp. And how does a guy learn if he’s normal, super-sized, or small? Not with his shoe size, a common and disproved penis length theory. Specific measurement is the answer. I’ve already shared how you need to measure your penis size. If you get five and a quarter inches, you are among millions, which is exactly normal. Don’t worry, even if you find a little smaller than that you have got lots of company, as there are millions around the world, who have below-average penis size. Only 0.6% of men have a penis size of 6.8 inches or more.

There are of course people with small penis size. In medical term, we call it “Micropenis.” 0.6% of men are there with “Micropenis.” It is a condition, which can only be treated by surgery, but many doctors hesitate to recommend surgery for a man, who has “Micropenis.” It is because surgery is risky and it can cause lifetime sexual troubles. This condition is generally occurring due to genetic or hormonal abnormalities or serious health troubles.  A testosterone booster can be used to promote penile development during puberty or even after puberty. While this therapy remained known to be effective and long-term, the evidence available indicates that natural development is not affected by this treatment.

There is another term used for a tiny penis, and that is “Inconspicuous Penis.” Inconspicuous Penis is one that is extremely hard to see. Micropenis is a truly tiny penis, but Inconspicuous Penis is the rarest condition. Inconspicuous Penis occurs when the penis is hidden below the skin. This could happen due to excessive belly fat that conceals the penis. This condition also happens when there is no connection to the scrotum, and the penis withdraws inward toward the pelvis. Sometimes too-large foreskin also makes the penis look buried. There are surgical procedures that are performed to treat this condition.

Average penis size by country

S No. Country Erect length Body Height
1.Ecuador17.61 cm167 cm
2.Cameroon16.67 cm170 cm
3.Bolivia16.51 cm167 cm
4.Sudan16.47 cm168 cm
5.Haiti16.01 cm172 cm
6.Senegal15.89 cm175 cm
7.Gambia15.88 cm167 cm
8.Netherlands15.87 cm183 cm
9.Cuba15.87 cm172 cm
10.Zambia15.78 cm168 cm
11.France15.74 cm179 cm
12.Angola15.73 cm169 cm
13.Canada15.71 cm178 cm
14.Egypt15.69 cm169 cm
15.Zimbabwe15.68 cm170 cm
16.Georgia15.61 cm175 cm
17.Paraguay15.53 cm172 cm
18.Chad15.39 cm172 cm
19.Italy15.35 cm177 cm
20.Central African Republic15.33 cm168 cm
21.Colombia15.26 cm169 cm
22.Ivory Coast15.22 cm168 cm
23.Brazil15.22 cm173 cm
24.Sweden15.08 cm180 cm
25.Bulgaria15.02 cm178 cm
26.Costa Rica15.01 cm169 cm
27.Honduras15.00 cm167 cm
28.Hungary14.99 cm177 cm
29.Mexico14.92 cm168 cm
30.Denmark14.88 cm181 cm
31.Argentina14.88 cm174 cm
32.El Salvador14.88 cm169 cm
33.Serbia14.87 cm181 cm
34.Belgium14.77 cm181 cm
35.Croatia14.77 cm180 cm
36.Latvia14.69 cm181 cm
37.Belarus14.63 cm178 cm
38.Chile14.59 cm171 cm
39.Austria14.53 cm178 cm
40.Germany14.52 cm180 cm
41.Algeria14.49 cm171 cm
42.Democratic Republic of the Congo14.48 cm168 cm
43.Australia14.46 cm179 cm
44.Nigeria14.38 cm167 cm
45.Switzerland14.35 cm178 cm
46.Norway14.34 cm180 cm
47.Poland14.29 cm177 cm
48.Albania14.19 cm174 cm
49.Cape Verde14.05 cm174 cm
50.New Zealand13.99 cm178 cm
51.North Macedonia13.98 cm178 cm
52.Ukraine13.97 cm178 cm
53.Spain13.85 cm176 cm
54.Finland13.77 cm180 cm
55.Libya13.74 cm174 cm
56.Azerbaijan13.72 cm171 cm
57.India13.71 cm165 cm
58.Afghanistan13.69 cm165 cm
59.Israel13.60 cm177 cm
60.United States13.58 cm177 cm
61.Japan13.56 cm171 cm
62.Turkmenistan13.48 cm172 cm
63.Venezuela13.33 cm171 cm
64.Greece13.30 cm177 cm
65.Russia13.21 cm176 cm
66.South Korea13.16 cm174 cm
67.Armenia13.14 cm172 cm
68.United Kingdom13.13 cm178 cm
69.Turkey12.99 cm174 cm
70.Ireland12.78 cm178 cm
71.Mongolia12.77 cm169 cm
72.Romania12.73 cm175 cm
73.Yemen12.72 cm162 cm
74.China12.38 cm171 cm
75.Pakistan12.20 cm167 cm
76.Iran11.95 cm173 cm
77.Indonesia11.67 cm163 cm
78.Singapore11.53 cm172 cm
79.Malaysia11.49 cm168 cm
80.Vietnam11.47 cm164 cm
81.Thailand11.45 cm168 cm
82.Bangladesh11.20 cm164 cm
83.Hong Kong11.19 cm172 cm
84.Sri Lanka10.89 cm165 cm
85.Philippines10.85 cm163 cm
86.Taiwan10.78 cm173 cm
87.Burma10.70 cm165 cm
88.Cambodia10.04 cm163 cm

Source: Worlddata

Sharing the list of countries with average penis size is quite tough. Many studies have been carried out and it’s hard to say, which shows the exact data. Here you’ll get the detailed list of average penis sizes by origin. They have shared the data of erect penile length according to body weight per country.

In terms of penal growth and scale, for example, hormones are quite significant. Testosterone is the substance correlated with the development and aspect of penal tissue. This is perhaps the largest and most optimistic aspect of deciding penile scale. In the development or scale of men’s penises, it is smoking that contributes to adverse effects. Smokers are often faced with a reduction in penis capacity. There have been studies that smoking impacts punitive scale scientifically. Smoking also leads to sexual problems including erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, low sperm motility, low sperm count, etc.

Average penis size in the US

No one is as conscious as American men when it comes to their penis size. The average length of the erected penis in the USA is 5.57 inches (14.15 cm) and the circumference is 4.81 inches (12.23 cm).


It depends on the person if the penis size is really relevant or not. The length of the penis is defined by various variables as we have shown. Although many people believe they have a bigger penis than the average person, they still tend to overestimate it. This suggests that we need more detailed research about penis sizes all around the world. We are bombarded every day by media and advertising on this issue which has a detrimental effect on our viewpoint. Let’s be aware if it doesn’t automatically change our lives since you are likely to have a regular penis of the type.