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Privacy Policy

We at Health Menza are committed to honouring the privacy of the visitors who use our website for the information purpose. Via our privacy policy, we want to inform our readers why we collect your personal information like name, email address and contact number, how we use it and how we keep it protected.

Collection of your personal information

During any kind of registration, you may need to provide your personal information which we’ll use for push notification to keep you updated. If you visit our website, you agree with our terms and conditions. You can access our website without sharing your personal details and read our blogs for all type of healthcare tips. When you share your personal information, we assure you that your personal information won’t be used for anything instead of communicating with you.  Without your consent, we won’t use your personal information for anything. We have a right to change our privacy policy anytime and we’ll update you for any change and update via email.

Use of your personal information

Health Menza will not sell, rent or trade your personal information on any cost. We only need your personal information to set up communication with you. We can, for instance, use your personal data to give you an e-mail verifying your registration and convey our updates, if you register on the website. We have introduced procedures that assist us in protecting your personal information. Nevertheless, there is never a fully secure way to transmit and preserve data on the internet and we cannot promise that this material is never obtained, used or released in a manner which is incompatible with this rule.

When we share your personal information?

To establish

your accounts, manage the storage and distribution of email, hosting of this website and delivery of content and services on our behalf, we may provide your data to the third parties which provide services on our behalf. We may also collect certain information that your browser sends to a website, such as internet address, browser type and language, access times and cookies, cached images and files, etc. For us non-personal information is non-confidential and we may disclose it without your consent.

How we collect your personal data?

We use various methods to collect your personal and non-personal information. We collect it when you –

·         Subscribe to our website

·         Register with us

·         Fill our contact us form

·         Request marketing services

·         Comment on our blogs

·         Give us your feedback

We do not guarantee correct information

Blogs on our website are written by our expert content writers, who gather a lot of information from various online sources like blogs, research, articles, healthcare sites, etc. Our writers have years of experience of writing in healthcare and lifestyle niche, but we do not guarantee 100% correct information. When you follow our tips regarding health and lifestyle, you follow them at your own risk. We are not liable for any kind of side effect and result.

 Note – We never ask for any type of payment from our website visitors.